Important Notice Regarding Post-Secondary Admissions in Alberta

The Government of Alberta has developed an online application system for the province's post-secondary institutions called ApplyAlberta.  With this system, each student creates a personal account and enters his or her personal information and academic history.  That information is saved, and when the student applies to a post-secondary institution, the information is automatically entered into the application form.  Therefore, if the student is applying to several institutions, the ApplyAlberta system will save him or her a lot of time since much of the application will be automatically filled.  ApplyAlberta also authorizes the institutions to request the student's official transcripts from the Department of Education as well as other post-secondary institutions.

Because this system is so new and designed with regular school students in view, home educated students may encounter questions in the process that they don't know how to answer.  We recommend providing answers that are most comprehensible for the ApplyAlberta system.  For example, if it asks the name of your high school and you are registered with one of the ICHES (Independent Contracted Home Education Specialist), provide the name of the private school contracted with your ICHES.

Please contact Education Unlimited with your ApplyAlberta experiences.  Adjusting to this new system will be a learning process for everyone, and the experience you share may help us in counseling future students.