How You Can Help

Alberta is geographically divided into political units called “ridings.” Each riding is represented by a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). All MLAs are elected by voters in their ridings. An MLA’s primary job is to represent the people who live in his or her riding, even those who did not vote for him or her. The Legislative Assembly is where laws are made for Alberta.

As an Albertan, you have the right to express your opinions to the Alberta government on any topic and as frequently as you want. The best way is to contact your MLA who is supposed to represent you. You can contact your MLA by phone, email, letter, or a personal visit.

If you want to contact your MLA, you can find his or her contact information on the following website:

If you don’t know which riding you live in, from this site click on the [+]Who is my MLA? link. There you can find your riding using your address. The result will give you the name of your riding, the name of your MLA, and a link to your MLA’s contact information.

Choose a method of communication that is best suited for you.

Phone calls are a good method. The phone will be answered by one of the MLA’s assistants who should be willing to hear your concerns. You may ask to speak to the MLA directly, but he or she will most likely not be available. The assistant will make a note of your concern and communicate it to your MLA. Phone calls can be quick and effective.

Writing a letter or an email is also good. Some people believe that paper letters carry more influence because they require more effort on the part of the writer, but emails are usually more convenient to write. When writing, always request a response from the MLA, asking how he or she plans to handle your concern.

You may also visit your MLA in person. Personal visits are considered by some people to be the best way to influence an MLA. However, it is recommended that you arrange a meeting beforehand by phoning his or her office. If you drop in for an unscheduled visit, the MLA will likely not be able to see you.

In all of your communications always be polite and respectful. If you are rude or angry you will be considered a crank and your concerns will be disregarded.

Besides your MLA, you may want to consider contacting Premier Rachel Notley and/or Education Minister David Eggen.

Premier Notley’s contact information is as follows:

Honourable Rachel Notley
307 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2B6

Phone: 780 427-2251
Fax: 780 427-1349

David Eggen’s contact information is as follows:

Honourable David Eggen
Minister of Education
228 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2B6

Phone: 780 427-5010
Fax: 780 427-5018

Don’t feel intimidated when contacting these people. They work for you. It’s their job to govern according to the wishes of Albertans. Even if they don’t agree with your views, your communication with them can have a positive impact, especially if you are polite and respectful.