Edmonton Region Mentor List

Bernd and Kathryn Heyde — Beaumont
We have been teaching our kids from "the beginning", with our oldest being 18 now.Contact Bernd and Kathryn Heyde
Crystal Terhorst — Morinville
I have home educated my two children who are now grown up and on their own. I work for Education Unlimited as a Home Education Facilitator.Contact Crystal Terhorst
David and Margaret Smid — Sherwood Park
We have two children and have been home educating for 10 years.Contact David and Margaret Smid
Diane Van Doesburg — Leduc
We've home educated our older two children who are now firmly established in their careers. One chose an apprenticeship route at the age of 16 and the other pursued sciences and then RMT. Both have entered their fields of work through a non-traditional route and without a diploma. We are now beginning again with adopted children and still have 8 more years of home education ahead of us. My vision becomes more defined, more in line with God's leading and the kids' gifts and abilities as each year goes by. I'd be more than happy to talk to you about anything regarding home education!Contact Diane Van Doesburg
Grace Wutzke — SE Edmonton
I am a second generation homeschooler and am now currently enjoying exploring the world of learning in an interest-based fashion with my two daughters (preschool and Grade 1). Contact Grace Wutzke
Lorraine & Rod Stephanyshyn — SW Edmonton
Home Educating both our kids for 14 +years. Our daughter has since graduated and is working alongside her dad as well as pursuing her creative career in photography, while our son now in his 11th year of home education continues to learn at home following his passions and interests. Contact Lorraine & Rod Stephanyshyn
Michael and Melody Froese — Gibbons
Have been home educating our children for 8 years. We currently have 4 children in our home education program.Contact Michael and Melody Froese
Nadia Ivanchikov — Edmonton
Unschooling family with 4 children. Oldest in grade 12 while youngest in grade 1. My oldest graduates without diploma. Contact Nadia Ivanchikov
Nicolette Groeneveld — Edmonton
I taught in the public school system for ten years, got disillusioned and then founded and worked at a Sudbury model school (unschooling democratic school) for six years. I work as a home education facilitator for EU and I currently home educate my fourteen-year old daughter.Contact Nicolette Groeneveld
Pamela Weir — Edmonton
Home educated from 1990 through 2013, a total of 5 students from K through 12. The youngest two were totally educated at home, the older three had spent between 2 and 7 years in public education before their home education commenced.Contact Pamela Weir
Tamara Westran — St. Albert
I have been blessed with the stewardship of three beautiful children. From birth up unto their current secondary levels my children have been trained at home. Throughout the process, I have depended upon God, His directives and grace as no family is perfect. It is comforting to know that we are all fully loved and accepted just as we are by God and that through His love we are being transformed more into His likeness. His purpose and calling in our lives will be fulfilled in His time and in His way. Expecting amazing things ~ praise be to God. Contact Tamara Westran


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