Northwest Region Mentor List

Daniel & Eva Fehr — Worsley
I am a mother of 2 daughters and have dreamed of home educating my children since they were born. It has been a great experience and extremely rewarding. It's only fair to mention that it takes up a lot of my time but it is so worth it. The best part of all is, I can spend one on one time and therefore we are way ahead of where we would be if we sent our children to school. Another reason I chose to home educate Is because I felt God was calling me to do it and I'm so glad I listened to his voice! For encouragement or more information, feel free to contact me.Contact Daniel & Eva Fehr
Jake & Annie Friesen — Peace River
We are a Christian family of seven that came out of the public system a few years ago, quite frustrated, and started on our home schooling journey. Although it was a new concept for us, we grew closer as a family and our children thrived. We have since become rather unschooled and have made learning an every day lifestyle full of opportunities, instead of traditional structure, courses and times. It's amazing what happens in a child's life and learning progress, when systems and ideals are exchanged for God's will!! Blessings!Contact Jake & Annie Friesen
Jay and Kristi Thebeau — Whitecourt
We have been home educating since 2010. We have 4 children who all have different learning styles. It has been a wonderful experience this far watching them learn and grow and we look forward to what God has for them in their lives.Contact Jay and Kristi Thebeau
Jody and Dan Rigler — Grande Prairie
We are a home school family of 7, 2 parents and 5 children. We have been home educating for 14 years (education starts at birth and ends with death:). Our oldest is 14, so we are just getting into the teen years, and our youngest is just 6. We live out of town so a lot of our kids day is spent outside in nature. We really enjoy home schooling, It has given us so much freedom. It has also made our relationships with our children very strong. We would love to share our experiences, good and bad and be an encouragement to those just starting out.Contact Jody and Dan Rigler
John and Jaime Wissink — Wabamun
Starting our 10th year of Home EducatingContact John and Jaime Wissink
Kim Manegre — Calahoo
I am currently home education two teens. They are independent learners at this point and I guide them occasionally in their studies. We have been using Athabasca University for English and it was a challenge but my son has done very well and pleased he could start his University at home and transfer in the future to the university of his choice. It is truly a blessing to be at home with my children and watch them grow and learn. My facilitator was key to helping us in the direction we needed to go when both kids wanted to attend a university. Hope you enjoy the journey!Contact Kim Manegre
Laurie Zimmer — Stony Plain
Home Schooled 3 sons 1990 - 2008Contact Laurie Zimmer
Matthew and Holly Hildebrant — Grande Prairie
We have kept our children home right from the start. We have three children ages 9, 7, 5, and 2. The past few years we have lived in a small space which brings it's own challenges. I (Holly) like to keep things organized and simple. We enjoy biking, reading, and being with other families. Contact Matthew and Holly Hildebrant
Susie & Gordon Knelsen — Sexsmith
My family is going into our 6th year of homeschooling. We started when our first child was entering grade one. Our reasons for home educating have changed over the past six years, and I am so thankful that God has worked in our lives in this particular area. We decided to teach our oldest at home when we realized that our son would quickly become 'labeled' in school. He was an incredibly active boy and we knew school would be challenging as he would be required to sit still! Within the first two years we came to see that it really is a moral issue. God has called us to teach and train our children! This year we have three children registered, with one more entering in the next few years. It has been a true blessing to watch my children learn at home.Contact Susie & Gordon Knelsen
Vern & Pamela Landry — Grande Prairie
We have home schooled all three of our children from grade 1-12, now ages 22, 21, and 17. We chose the traditional route using various materials like Jay Wile Science, Saxon Math, Math U See, and a variety of other curriculum. My kids have had no issues with finding jobs. They've worked at Costco, Weyerhaeuser, Safeway, Starbucks, Michaels, our Church etc. The girls were able to go to Victory Bible College in Calgary, Grant MacEwan University, YWAM Montana with no problems. Chelsea didn't have her English 30 which she needed for Grant MacEwan but was able to write a skills test and get in easily. Most post secondary schools want our business so they will accommodate you. And most jobs that they apply want to see a completion of high school, not an "Alberta Diploma." Contact Vern & Pamela Landry
Will and Tracy Bidne — Grande Prairie (County)
Home Education Parents of three children for 9 years ongoing.Contact Will and Tracy Bidne


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