Another Dyslexic’s Journey: Learning Challenges (Part 5)

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Last week, I shared from deep within how I beat the system to succeed in spite of my “learning challenges.” If you have not already seen (heard or read) it, I suggest you go there before proceeding with this blog.

I have had the good fortune of meeting many a dyslexic student. Nathan was special in that his “condition” was rather severe.

This is a classic case of my learning more from the mom than I taught. I simply gave her the freedom to do what she felt was necessary to provide Nathan with the best possible preparation for life.

It is not often that a parent writes me to update how things have gone, but I thank God for Nathan’s mom and her thoughtfulness in doing so.

If you are not inspired by this letter… well, you should be. Listen to what Nathan’s mom reported to me several years after our saying goodbye at the end of Nathan’s “official” home education.

Hello Leo!!

Nathan and I have mentioned you a couple times this past year, being filled with ‘life’s victories and numerous challenges,’ I am just now sending this note.

Let’s just say this could be my ‘final’ report to you, for the present anyway. You may remember the challenges we had with dyslexia, etc., which Nathan was trying to overcome in his learning journey out here in Edson. They are certainly not totally dissolved, but he has worked very hard to get where he is today. Here is a roundup, to date, of Nathan’s further education:

• Gunsmithing, Ashworth College, December 2013
• Industrial Fire Brigade Incipient Level-Site Specific, Lakeland College, April, 2014
• Dangerous Goods Awareness FFTS-S900A, Lakeland College, May 2014
• HazMat Responder-Awareness, internationally certified, National Fire Protection Assoc., August 2014
• Industrial Fire Brigade Member Incipient Level, as above, August 2014
• Rescuer Basic Skills, Justice Institute of B. C., July 2015
• 5th Class Power Engineer Certificate, NAIT, Edmonton, November 2014
• Confined Space Rescue-Level I, Fire & Safety Division, Justice Institute, September 2015
• Confined Space Rescue – Level II, Fire & Safety Division, Justice Institute, October 2015
• Health and Safety legislation course, Edmonton Labor Council, March 2016
• 4th class power engineer certificate, NAIT, Edmonton, August 2016
• Hours toward professional development with regard to fire ground size up, command, control, accountability and survival, FD&C, November 2016
• Avalanche Skills Training Level I, Rockaboo Mtn Adventures, Jasper, January 2017
• Technical Rope Rescue Technician, Rescue International, Canmore, June 2017
• Yellowhead County Fire Department promotion to position of Firefighter, August 2017
• Nathan currently has helped instigate and head, with the help of one other person, the emergency response team within the Weyerhaeuser mill, measured and ordered the gear; set up the ERT shack on site and goes in on his days off to teach ERT to persons from each crew. He also works 4 day shifts, 3-4 days ‘off,’ and 4 night shifts as a 4th class power engineer at the mill here in Edson.
• On his days off, he is either teaching at the mill, working at the Edson County Fire hall, Evansburg Fire hall, and/or on call with the fire department thrown in anywhere!! He is working toward having a full time career with the fire department.
• I do believe there are a couple of courses I’ve missed, one at Salt Spring Island, don’t recall which that is but this is good to let you know he is doing well in the job department, and keeping up his ambition to continually study God’s word and be present for every gathering he can to help his spirit grow.

We are forever grateful for your help and presence in our home. Just recently saw your website. Keep up the good work!!

Nathan’s Mom

Wow!!! No, it is me that thanks you, Nathan’s mom. First, thank you for taking the time to “report.” Even though we pour heart and soul into this ministry, few take the time to come back and thank us. This obviously is nothing new in God’s world as typified by the story of the ten lepers who were healed.

You have inspired me to make “learning challenges” something we need to celebrate, not fix. I have had a few such great stories, but this one arrived just in time. I thank God He made Nathan and I and countless more children learning challenged so we could make the biggest impact in this world of conformists.

Praise the Lord for his indescribable way of making each one of us unique, created just as He would have us. We don’t need fixing, we need to be encouraged to simply be who we are and to use our gifts to His glory.

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