I Quit! …but I Can’t! Quitting (Part 1)

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I thought that I would start this new year with a shocker. I QUIT!

… Okay, maybe “quitting” wasn’t such a great “start.” Actually, I am just kidding…because I can’t quit.

I am definitely NOT quitting, at least not now. However, just to be sure that everyone understands that I do not want to over-extend my calling, you need to know that I have had my letter of resignation on the Lord’s desk, so to speak, for a very long time. He has yet to accept it, but if and when He does, I will be obligated to obey His directives and quit. Until then, I can’t.

If this was just a job, I would likely be entertaining retirement, but it is much more than a job. It is a ministry, His ministry. It is what I have been called to do. It is how I am to occupy myself until taken from this world and I am passionate about it. It is a labour of love because I love the One who called me to this task.

Teaching has been my way of life; families, my focus; helping, my purpose; serving, my motivation; and sharing, my method. Yet, I would be dishonest if I were to tell you that it is all roses! Since I am but a man, I constantly need to remind myself of these things as an antidote to the ever-present temptation to simply give up, walk away and quit.

Let me share a few of the things that tempt me to do so.

I am perpetually challenged by the industry that has grown around home education in Alberta. In spite of having clearly warned of the dangers inherent in allowing it to prosper, I continue to see its corrupting influence on the greater home education community and I want to escape from it. Not wanting to be associated with it …I want to quit, but I can’t.

When I witness those who should clearly understand the difference between right and wrong allow their avarice to rule, when the love of money directs individuals to make a mockery of the Christian faith they claim to represent, I am exasperated …and I want to quit, but I can’t.

My heart is broken when I see children viewed and treated as a commodity with little respect given to their inherent value as individuals. At times I get so disgusted …I just want to quit, but I can’t.

While doing everything possible to explain the difference between home schooling and home education, I find that nearly every aspect of the home education industrial complex directs parents away from faith-based convictions to man fearing compromises …and I want to quit, but I can’t.

When I see how many, if not most, parents are fine with being ignorant of their faith, political issues, and even pertinent information respecting the fundamentals of home education, I wonder just how effective I am in my efforts to inform them …and I want to quit, but I can’t.

If parents are not vigilant, they will lose their right to home educate or the freedom to do so in keeping with their faith. Parental apathy frustrates me …and I want to quit, but I can’t.

As the world continues to disenfranchise parents, dads in particular, I start questioning whether anyone really understands that real authority comes from God. While people blindly and unquestioningly validate false claims to authority, I watch them fall into bondage. Feeling powerless to help them avoid this …I want to quit, but I can’t.

Likely the biggest temptation to throw in the towel or pull the pin comes from the paucity of encouragement I receive for my efforts. It is not that I am looking for accolades, even though those are indeed welcome. It is just that I want assurance that my efforts are indeed paying dividends by making life easier for parents and students. When I start believing that I am failing to do so …I want to quit, but I can’t.

My calling is based on “Part B” of 1 Tim 2:4, that is I am driven by a desire to help others “come to the knowledge of the truth.” Without visible results, I get discouraged, question why I am dedicating so much time and effort towards “nothing” …and I want to quit, but I can’t.

In fact, do we not all have a responsibility to share the truth we have come to understand? This motivation plays especially big for a person like me who is compelled to teach at all times. That is why I do this, but please understand that doing so is not easy in this hostile anti-Christian world that continues to normalize school as the unquestioned standard of education, even within the home education community. I often want to quit, but I can’t.

Not only is it not in my DNA, but I was never given the option. So I have determined to stare discouragement in the face and press on. By the grace of God, I trust that I may continue in spite of all the temptations to quit and that I am making a difference in at least a few lives. From God’s perspective, even if it is only one it is worth the effort. I can’t quit.

Now, I don’t want to leave you with the idea that my life is nonstop aggravations, discouragements, and frustrations or that I am perpetually exasperated. I just wanted to share that my life is no different from yours and that we both need to be prepared for what it has to throw at us, or we will end up quitting …but we can’t.

Having shared the things that make me WANT to quit, how about if I take a few moments to talk about what makes me NOT WANT to quit! Besides knowing what God has called me to do, I am also blessed with the incredible opportunity to work with some of the finest people in the world. They are my colleagues to be sure, but more importantly they are my friends, as well as part of this ministry family.

I should name them all because they are all important to me, but you can get this by going to https://www.educationunlimited.ca/about-us. However, I want to specifically mention those who make Léo’s Blog possible.

Dr. Michael Wagner has been a good friend of mine for a very long time. Mike, as I know him, has been working as my executive assistant for the past few years and is the brainchild behind the LeoGaumont.com web site and all associated blogging, videoing, etc. Thanks Mike.

Gary and Beth Wiens (and family) are the people responsible for capturing and editing all the videos and audios found on the web sites. Thanks “Guys.”

Where would we be without Ian, our incredible IT Manager? Dead! That’s where! Thanks Ian… and Ian’s mom, Pam, our proof reader. She is the one responsible for making us all look “educated”!

There certainly are a lot of wonderful people I have the privilege of working with, including everyone at HBA, our facilitators and office staff. However, I would be remiss if I missed this opportunity to thank you, our parents and students. You make up the main reason for my NOT WANTING to quit.

Actually, I can’t! …but really, I can. God gave me that choice, so, I have decided NOT TO QUIT, until God declares that I am done.

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