Authority Summarized: Authority (Part 13)

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In this last slide presentation, I am going to take a bit of license. I cannot say with any degree of certainty that I fully understand what I am presenting, nor can I vouch for the truthfulness of these ideas. It is just that I personally dislike having someone blow my ideas apart without offering a reasonable alternative. It is with this intent that I present you with this idea of what I think (for now) is what the world should look like under God.

This is what I believe was meant to be on this earth. There is no doubt that God has allowed the creation of jurisdictions outside of the family, but He has never lost his love for the life-giving family unit.

All other Jurisdictions are manmade, outside the Family/God unit and essentially dead in that they are bloodless, heartless even occasionally brainless entities that simply can only reproduce in kind. They are called institutions.

In a perfect world, Man, God’s true representative and only “living” friend, would obey and serve God in all things. The government would do everything it could to protect the family and church would be working overtime to equip it.

Maybe this is what was supposed to happen. If we as humans were to be the central focus of God’s creation, then God would envelope not only the family, but all other jurisdictions or institutions within this envelopment as well. There is little to support the present jurisdictional system in the scripture.

Maybe this is what God intended and perhaps this is what is meant by His Kingdom. This would certainly explain how He comes to abolish all rule, all authority and power. However, Jesus said that in His kingdom there is neither marriage nor giving in marriage. I really don’t know what that means.

Maybe the Kingdom of God ends up looking like this. This is what no rule, no authority and no power looks like. Just Him and us. I sure do hope that this is the case. Looks rather simple, peaceful and free.

Now let’s summarize what we have learned about authority.
– All authority comes from God.
– We were “Allowed” the creation of social constructs called jurisdictions or spheres of authority = rule (aka Institutions).
– The family is God’s focus and the training of children is a parental responsibility.
– Each jurisdiction is given an order = chain of command (authority) and boundaries (power).
– Order followed = true authority (respect boundaries).
– Order broken = false authority (breach boundaries).
– We must be aware of our rightful authority in order to be able to resist those who would subjugate us to their worlds.
– We need to stop allowing outside agencies to treat us like children. Our authority over our families is not negotiable.
– We should not, cannot, depend on or trust institutions to have our best interest, nor that of our children, in mind.

Please bear in mind that false authorities may be posers, fakes, impostors, frauds, manipulators, marketers but not necessarily tyrannical leaders!

I would like to end this series of slide presentations with a final admonishment from scripture. “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Eph 6:12.

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