Our Authority as Parents: Authority (Part 15)

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I sure hope that you have clearly received the overarching message being advanced in this series on authority. Simply put, as parents, you have it!

It does not take a Mensa IQ to know that only a man and a woman can create children. Other “combinations” and lifeless entities are not able to produce living human beings, so they have to steal them from those who can. That’s essentially the bottom line.

This is where things get a bit confusing. Dead agencies need families to produce children to maintain themselves, yet seem to do everything possible to destroy family.

Do we want children or not? Where would the education, health and other related industries be without children? Yet the very people that need people to survive are often the greatest proponents of the very things that ends it all, in a culture of death!

Since parents, fathers in particular, have been given the authority to educate the children they propagate, there is a real concerted effort to disenfranchise them so that the dead agencies can program the children into what they think they should be. Fathers need to be taken out. Mothers are usually a bit easier to manipulate.

On the other hand, if we can tempt parents with goodies, like daycare, or convince moms that they cannot be successful without a career or that the government knows best, parents simply volunteer their children to agencies that pretend to have nothing but the best interest of children and parents at heart. The problem is dead agencies have no heart, nor blood, guts or brains!

As long as we are willing to allow ourselves to be subjugated to government or church claims to having authority for the education of our children, we not only validate and empower them to continue in this vein, but we embolden them to reach even further into the family jurisdiction and make even more demands.

Consider that when compulsory education was first introduced, children were 8, 9, 10 years of age or older before they started “school.” Today, it has become common practice to send them as young as 4. Nobody seems to question how this affects the children, but then again this is cloaked as free daycare.

There is one more thing that needs to be discussed respecting authority. God simply delegates authority, whether we acknowledge it, accept it, respect it, or even understand it. Even more important, it is clear that God has not given anyone the right to abdicate that authority.

Putting this in the home education sphere, God has authorized the father as the trainer and teacher of his children. If he complies, with his wife’s help, he has simply fulfilled what is required of him by God.

If he decides to let the school do the job, he is still responsible in God’s eyes. The wife’s failure, the teacher’s failure, the school’s failure, the government’s failures, will all be deemed the father’s failure in the end, because it is he who has been authorized and therefore responsible for the education of his children.

Regardless of what outside agencies have claimed respecting authority to educate, God’s expectation of the father does not change. No “buts”; no “ifs”; no “I was just…”; no excuses.

Know your authority and act accordingly.

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