Parents and Children. Tiring of School: Schools Are “Outed”! (Part 12)

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I must admit that there are certain news agencies that I have learned to completely distrust.

Actually, there is one particular agency that is so bad at telling the truth that I often use it to get a truthful perception respecting an issue that I am unsure about by noting what is being reported and then assuming the opposite to be true. It may be a sad testimony respecting that news agency, but this approach has kept me from believing nonsense.

Take the “normalization” of the response to the COVID-19 school system closures, as an example. Media outlets simply assumed that everything would be exactly the same as it always was except that the students would now be “home schooled.”

Teachers would continue to direct their students in a virtual classroom and everything would continue as before, except now it didn’t matter who learned what as everyone would move on to the next level in the coming year. Apparently, there is no longer a need to learn a particular concept before moving onto another. Like the world around us, it looks like the school system has become rather “disconnected,” also.

Journalists who obviously had little if any experience with home-based learning found themselves perplexed by something that they likely had never considered.

Perhaps they should have thought about how inmates behave within the confines of penitentiaries in comparison to when they are out of it. Then they would have had something with which to compare the new phenomenon that emerged as a consequence of the liberation of students from the school institution.

Not only did many students balk at now having teachers tell them what they had to do at home, but many parents experienced a high level of stress with having to enforce the school authority within their home, as well.

The media could not understand! How come school does not work at home? Maybe it is because home does not work well at school, either. Who ever heard of a family consisting of a single parent or multiple parents in an ever-changing unit of many children all the same age? God in His wisdom simply did not create families this way, perhaps with the knowledge that all “24” of these children would reach puberty at the same time!

In any case, it was discovered that the children, now paroled from the caustic environment of age appropriate groupings, subjected to all doing the same thing at the same time, could actually learn what interested them using a number of helps besides the overbearing “lordship” of a teacher, who him or her self did not have any say in what is to be learned.

Can you imagine how perplexed reporters were when they discovered that many, admittedly not all, students simply did not fit the school’s uni-approach to learning?

Sure, some students missed their friends, but they sure did not miss being incarcerated in a school environment and being restricted from learning what interested them. Furthermore, many delighted at having mom and/or dad with them all day, every day.

Media generally reported that one hour of “school work” per day was sufficient without making even the slightest attempt to explain what was being achieved during the other five hours of an average school day. No journalist had the courage or perhaps the intelligence to declare that if only 17% of a school day was sufficient, what about the remaining 83%?

As soon as the children were freed from school, they were given the opportunity to simply relax in their own skins in the comfort of their home under the guidance of those who love them most and who will have to live with the very children they influence.

The media had a hard time with this, so most simply continued to do what they do best and lied about how many parents came to realize just how much of a waste of time school is.

Another discovery was that the best way to reduce frustration was to stop the frustrating activity. Parents learned that when they stopped playing school, students were less frustrated, happier and more than willing to learn what interested them.

Welcome to home education! It is not the same as schooling at home. The difference is a matter of who is in control. Some children instinctively know the difference. However, we must consider that those who don’t may qualify to work for the mainstream media and continue to advance school and schooling as the best way to learn.

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