Freedom Means Having No Fear: Freedom (Part 3)

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What does it mean to be free? In the last blog I said freedom requires having both choice and control.  When either is missing, freedom is but an illusion.  So how does one know they are truly free?  I believe having choice and control – being free – is demonstrated by a lack of fear on the part of the individual toward the thing they are free from.  Conversely, if one is fearful, they are not likely free.

To demonstrate this point, let’s take the recent discussion regarding the Covid vaccine mandates.  Although it is pretty clear that the population is not only divided, but truly polarized regarding this, my point is not to take a side, but rather to show the power of fear and how fear robs people of freedom.

Everyone has a choice as to whether or not to “take the jab”.  This is good and it does appear to be advancing freedom.  However, how much control does one have in this matter?  If one’s decision not to take the jab results in losing their job and livelihood, how is that being in control?  That is not freedom as it involves surrendering either the choice of whether or not to take the jab or the control over keeping or losing one’s job.  It is brilliantly deceptive, but deceptive all the same.  If choosing “to jab or not to jab” is fraught with fear, there is no freedom.

The above helps to explain why the population seems to be rather comatose regarding recent events and concerns.  The best way to control a population – the best way to strip people of their freedom – is to inject an unhealthy dose of fear.  Nobody likes being fearful.  Fear can be paralysing.  To avoid being fearful, people are coerced into surrendering their freedom, most often through playing choice against control.

Let’s take a look at a few more examples.  We have already discussed how the Covid pandemic is being played out.  Pitting the jab (choice) against the possibility of losing one’s job (control) has resulted in many people being controlled by fear.  What about climate change?  Same thing.  Species extinction?  Same.  Dissenting opinions?  Same.  Standing on principle?  Right!

Closer to home…  What about school?  Yes, you have a choice, but if you have to surrender control to a government agency, you have no freedom.  The result will be fear.  Fear of not doing enough.  Fear of doing the wrong thing.  Fear of handicapping your children’s future by not having high school credits and a diploma.  And what about the helpers, those we call facilitators?  Unless they are truly acquainted with what freedom is, they will most likely stoke the fears associated with “not doing school”, and place you under the control of their agency.

Are you fearful that home educating your children will result in negative consequences?  If so, you are not free.  Why?  Either you have no choice or no control, or worse still, neither.

If there is any fear at all regarding anything, I suggest it is time to re-evaluate what is missing from your freedom formula.

One more thing.  Fear is often implemented through penalties for not surrendering your choice or control.  This is usually done through threats and fines, often without the authority of true enforcement.  In other words, threats and fines are designed to make you fearful which robs you of your freedom.  The threat of failing your children does the same thing.

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