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For those of you who have been faithfully following my blogs, you may have noticed they ended abruptly and inexplicably at the end of January (2022).  In a most incredible case of irony, something happened to test the very statements I had made in my last blog when I questioned what one might be thinking about when knowingly on his/her death bed.  I speculated about which things would be occupying one’s thoughts, assuming, of course one was lucid enough to have them and suggested these final earthly thoughts would be about God, family and friends.

Faithful followers will remember the 2021 summary in which I shared my experience of a very bad year.  There is no need to go over this again, except to say the bad news has continued and 2022 has, thus far, presented me with yet more opportunities for “learning and growing”.  Keeping in mind that blogs are created quite a while before they are presented, by the time my last blog was uploaded, I was in the midst of a struggle for my own life!

The end of 2021 saw me seriously mentally overtaxed which, I am convinced, led to a weakened immune system.  I sustained a head injury in a case of “temporary mindlessness” and ended up developing a very serious case of Covid (Omicron) that robbed me of three months and nearly terminated my life.  Without getting into detail, I owe my continued existence on this side of eternity to my quick-thinking wife and daughter, without whom I would be another of those covid statistics.  As if “something” wanted to take me out, I ended up with double pneumonia, from which I am still making a recovery.  Praising God, I am thankful still to be here and able to continue serving Him in whatever capacity or way He directs me.

I share this information with you for a few reasons.  Those of you who wondered why the blogs ceased to be uploaded now know I was seriously incapacitated.  In fact, it has been over three months and I am only now starting to feel well enough to start working again.  Even so, I must pace my activities in order to prevent overexertion.  Having enjoyed Divine health for my entire life, I now find it challenging to adjust my old lifestyle of ripping and zipping to accommodate huffing and puffing!

Truth be known, I have come to understand that since having established Education Unlimited twenty-three years ago, I have aged by exactly twenty-three years.  I have been so busy, I lost track of that fact and have been working harder as the years have gone by.  In spite of having employed a number of people to serve within the organization, I have assumed more and more responsibility and have ended up doing the work of several people.

No one is made for that.  Despite having been endowed with more energy than the average person, I am still a human being, not a machine.  I have no one else to blame but myself.  Those who are close to me have been “suggesting” I slow down and start “acting my age”.  Perhaps I was in denial of having aged over the past twenty years or maybe I was just too busy to take notice of it.  Regardless, my close brush with death provided me with a clear opportunity to re-evaluate what I have been doing and rethink the way I should proceed with life and living.

In the next few blogs, I will share what I discovered about myself and life, as well as how this is bound to change the way I live out the rest of my life.

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