Lessons Learned (Part 2)

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I ended my last blog by questioning how we have complicated our lives such that we have lost our focus on God, family and friends?

I spoke of our busyness and how we unquestioningly accept and believe what we are told.  How does this happen?

Perhaps it is best to start by going back to the beginning of time.  We are all familiar with the story of Adam and Eve: their creation; their freedom; the directives God gave them; how they failed; the consequences of their disobedience; and the repercussions of their disobedience for all of mankind.

Long before this event, a fallen angel declared he would one day make himself the most high god.  He is best known in the New Testament as a liar or the father of lies.  He is also identified as a thief.  It should be mentioned that this devil cannot create humans so he must manipulate the ones God created into serving him rather than God.  He is the one who met and tricked Eve in the garden.  The rest is history, and continues.

Knowing this shows us that life is even simpler than focussing on God, family and friends.  In fact, one’s life is actually determined by a single, much more important choice.  Like Eve in the garden, we are given a choice as to whom we will obey.  It is a choice between two possible paradigms or worlds: God’s or Satan’s, where God’s world is the domain of truth and Satan’s world has no truth in it.

It should therefore be obvious that if we choose to follow God, we will be more inclined to seek the truth.  Otherwise, we just don’t care and become prey for the enemy of God and man.

Now to answer the question originally posed.  Having disqualified God from the public square has put us all on a precarious road.  If the God of truth is persona non grata, the only alternative is to follow the father of lies.  Nearly everything we are being fed through the institutions of media, government, schools, and even church is mostly fiction designed to have us serve that which is man-centred rather than God-centred.

As a consequence, we are continuously exposed to a single side of a particular narrative and discouraged from questioning its validity.  Being continually fed the same story, we come to internalize the message and finally see it as the truth.

To question this narrative will lead to being accused of spreading lies, misinformation or disinformation.  If these accusations fail to stop the thinking individual, a plethora of names and shames is usually used to shut him/her up.  So, we quietly accept and advance things that are not true, not only because it is the only thing being presented, but because we fear personal repercussions and discomfort.

This becomes the perfect environment for the perpetuation of lies and the homogenizing of a population such that the enemy can and will, as predicted, exalt himself as the most high god.

While God provides all we need to successfully accomplish our purpose in life, the enemy is doing everything he can to cause us to fail in every way.  His trick is very simple.  Just keep repeating the lies, disqualify the truth and eventually everyone becomes a willing part of his plan.

To avoid being tricked into becoming his minions, we must know the truth and question everything that challenges it.

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