Embarking On A New Venture: Part 3 – A Miracle

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Most true believers know there is a reward for faithfulness, but most believe this is only obtained when we get to heaven.  I am convinced this is true, but I also believe that in this world, you reap what you sow.  Unfortunately this is too often quoted when people who are making bad decisions are threatened with bad consequences.

However, the Bible does not support an only-bad-consequences narrative.  Those who sow good seeds reap good crops.  This is not a big deal if you understand our job description as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our job is to do everything with two things in mind:  do everything to the glory of God and give Him thanks for the accomplishments.  A perhaps more common sense approach is: “If you are going to do something, aim for excellence”.

I can say I have given this ministry nearly everything I have.  I can also say I have been given lots of energy and a fearlessness I can only attribute to a faith that cannot be shaken by man.  I have had to stand against many accusations, threats and discouragements, some from within the home education community.  I prefer peaceful resolutions to problems, but I am not afraid to fight for what I believe in, which remain faith, family and freedom.

So!  After twenty-three years of having to deal with the government through associate schools that were operating in fear, Education Unlimited is now an independent accredited-funded private school!  Praise the Lord!

This means we no longer need an associate school and we are no longer a third party contractor.  We are the school!  We will be dealing directly with the government and funded as a full fledged school.  The Education Unlimited Academy will be fully operational effective this September 2022.

This miracle happened for three reasons.  The first is God wanted to see this ministry continue and now that we have our own school, it will.  Praise the Lord!

The second reason for this miracle is many people worked very hard to see this project succeed.  Perhaps I invested more than anyone, but God made me for a time such as this.  In spite of the tremendous superhuman effort, God was still the one behind it all.  He is limited by what we are willing to do and we were willing to give it our all, so we succeeded.  Praise the Lord!

The third reason for this miracle is you!  Without your prayer, support and encouragement we would likely have failed.  It has been noted by government officials that our families are very loyal.  We have had three schools, all of which really wanted to “assume” our “clientele”, but we have never lost more than a single family in these failed takeover attempts.  Your faithfulness brought us to this place.  Praise the Lord!

It continues to be an honour to serve you, our faithful and loyal families that endured challenges from associate schools and government with us over the years.

The Education Unlimited Academy is your school.  You deserve it.  Let’s make it the best it can be!

Welcome to an independent school advancing faith, family and freedom.  Welcome to Education Unlimited Academy.

Praise the Lord!

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