Embarking On A New Venture: Part 4 – Have a Good Summer

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I don’t want to say this but this has been an awful year.  Actually, the last two years have been very trying.  However, it’s all been worthwhile because of the establishment of the Education Unlimited Academy.  This new development is the pinnacle of my entire career as an educator.  I cannot hide my glee with our new school situation!

No doubt there will be a lot of work and more than a few frustrations and disappointments, however it is nothing if not worth fighting for.

I want to end this year and this era by reminding you that June 30 will mark the end of Education Unlimited Inc., the private third party home education provider working on behalf of an associate school.  This September will mark our inaugural year as a private school, the Education Unlimited Academy.

I will continue to contribute to the growth and development of this new venture, but I will also be helping and encouraging more people to get involved.  My ultimate goal is to finally slow down a bit as I direct parents and staff to become more involved and take more responsibility.

No, I am not retiring.  At least not now.  However, I am planning to “act my age” so to speak, slow down, try to work on maybe just three things at a time instead of a half dozen, and rest a bit more.

Have a great summer!  Mine will likely be busy putting things together for our new school.

I cannot promise we will not face opposition as we go forward.  In fact, if we are truly serving our Lord, we should expect it; but as the writer of Hebrews said, “What can man do to me?”  As long as we stand together, we are a force to be acknowledged.

I want to end by clearly stating that all good things come from God.  He deserves all the praise and thanks for having allowed us to survive the last twenty-three years as Education Unlimited and for the continuance of the ministry through Education Unlimited Academy.


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