Short-Term Consequences of Choosing Home Education: Choices (Part 11)

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Every decision comes with consequences. Unfortunately, the word consequences has taken on a negative meaning. We have all heard the warning “there will be consequences” and we have all heard the unspoken “that you will not like”. Truth is, consequences are directly related to the decision. Therefore, if bad decisions usually result in bad consequences, good decisions should bring good consequences.

We all know we are living in an imperfect world where the expected can elude us. Rose-colored glasses do not change the fact that bad things happen, even to good people who make good decisions. There are no guarantees other than inevitable death, taxes (if you make money), and persecution for doing good, and there are most certainly no guarantees in home education.

While home education is generally a good decision and the results are generally good, there are bad examples naysayers will use to demonstrate the “evils and shortcomings” of this educational choice. These people usually conveniently omit exposing the multitude of bad examples and consequences in the school system, which proves they are either making a mountain out of a mole hill or advancing the exception as the rule. Beware of these people.

When one considers that children are usually born to parents within a family, it is not hard to understand that a family home is likely the most important and best environment for learning. That being the case, home education is generally a good idea that usually results in good consequences.

Consequences of deciding to home educate are usually described as long-term positive effects. However, the immediate is often the most obvious. This includes parents and children getting more acquainted with each other, and I have a funny story to tell about that.

A ten-year-old boy was having difficulty in school so his parents decided to bring him home after being encouraged to do so by the school itself. At the end of the first year, I privately asked Mom how the year had gone. She answered, “Okay, I guess, but he sure had his moments”. A little while later, I privately asked the boy how he thought his first year of home education went. He answered, “Okay, I guess, but Mom sure had her moments”. A good example of “getting to know one another”. In case you are wondering, this particular home education program had a spectacularly successful ending.

Another immediate consequence is usually seen in better attitudes and increased happiness of the child(ren). If this isn’t immediately obvious, there is a good chance you brought school home and the children are reacting to what probably brought them home in the first place.

One more immediate consequence that will lead to a happy ending is the renewed comfort you will experience with having choice and being in control. Choice and control define freedom. Take it and enjoy it with your children.

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