Academic Objectives for Home Education: Choices (Part 14)

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Now that we have dealt with the urban legend of having to possess a high school diploma and government transcript or die, it may be necessary to explain why this lie is perpetuated in the first place and what is actually needed instead of the standard expectation.

It should not come as much of a surprise that the main motivation behind advancing the diploma is largely based on funding.  The government provides greater funding for public programming.  Why would a government do this if not to maximize the usage of its programming, which you should understand is not going to advance God’s kingdom as much as its own.

Now that it is clear that the government intends to maximize its “programming”, schools of every kind will be encouraged to advance government programs to increase their income.  People have generally been indoctrinated into believing only the government knows what is best for children or that only government certified citizens are qualified to move ahead in life. These beliefs will quickly capitulate to the “you must have government approved credits, diploma and transcript” narrative.  Most schools are more than willing to take advantage of the misinformed if it means more income.

It is easy to dismiss something, but it comes with a requirement to offer an alternative to what is being condemned.  A non-government approved education is still an education, perhaps even a superior one based on the simple fact that it will be different from everyone else’s.

Here is some practical advice:
• Don’t focus on the standard, accepted approach,
• Forget about subjects and grades and focus on skills in keeping with the innate gifts, talents and abilities of each child, including:
◦ effective communication skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening,
◦ practical math skills for most, and advanced math skills for those who can,
◦ basic computer skills, as the future of this world will be increasingly digital,
◦ a basic, general understanding of science, particularly as it applies to the interests of the child,
◦ a reasonable understanding of the political world, and
◦ specialty training in the fields of interest.
• Trust that as the parent, you are the best “educator” for your child and will do all that is possible to properly prepare them for their future.

Bear in mind that unlike a school setting, the home is where a student’s true talents and interests can direct their learning program, which means that the home educated should never be in the position of wanting to go to college to find themselves.  This is because children kept at home and allowed to grow and mature in the loving and accepting environment of the home do not end up lost, but are generally comfortable with who they are and content to let time and God direct them into their futures.  School students will eventually get there too.  It is just that the school system makes it a long process because more time means more money for the school.

We should always be more focussed on a child’s well being, not the school’s.

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