Listen, Hear and Then Obey: Reflections (Part 3)

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While I have been involved in political activities for most of my life, I am not much of a “groupie”. Aside from my serious involvement in the establishment of the Reform Party of Canada a long time ago, I now tend to maintain my memberships in political parties more so I can be in the know of what is happening and influence when opportunity is presented.

While I often communicate with political leaders and government workers, I believe most of my contributions go largely unnoticed, but then again we never really know what effect our efforts actually have. One thing is certain: you won’t have any effect if you do nothing other than complain.

In any event, the conservative movement was badly shaken when the NDP formed the government in Alberta in 2015. I was involved in a few political parties so I could be in on what would eventually become the formation of the United Conservative Party (UCP), which I assumed would end all the internal acrimony within the conservative house. Unfortunately, this supposed uniting of conservative factions was more show than tell.

Frustrated, I had no interest in going to the UCP Annual General Meeting (AGM) after the party replaced the NDP in the 2019 election, so I simply deleted the invitation. As I did this, I felt immediate internal pressure to undelete it, which I ignored, only to be more compelled to do so. I was convinced the Lord wanted me to go that convention. For some reason, my wife was not interested!

For weeks I argued with God about going, but ultimately I went to the AGM in Calgary. I must admit, I initially had a bad attitude about being there, but then “it happened”. In a very large crowd of hustle and bustle, I met the Minister of Education, not once, not twice, but three times! This was nothing short of a miracle. And I was able to make such a positive impression on her that my wife and I were later invited to visit the Minister in her office just weeks before the world was turned upside down by the covid pandemic.

The Lesson (Psalm 3:5-6)
Listen to your heart and when you hear that still, small voice suggesting you reconsider your decision, hear what is being said and obey its guidance. This particular situation set in motion the events which led to Education Unlimited eventually obtaining school accreditation.

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