Tested: Reflections (Part 4)

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It seemed to come upon us very quickly and by March of 2020, we were all being told to do things none of us were happy about. We complied in the hope of securing health and safety for everyone. Covid-19 was the worst pandemic since the influenza of 1918-20, which we were told, killed nearly 100 million people because they just were not as smart as us. All we had to do was follow the “experts” and it would soon be all over.

Nobody really knew what was happening. We defaulted to doing what we were told, even if the rules seemed to be confusing and constantly changing. We were told it would only require two weeks to flatten the curve. I wondered about this curve as it was nowhere near flattened after two weeks, nor after two months, nor two years for that matter!

If there was a consistency to this pandemic, it was the constant inconsistencies. Politicians flip-flopped, health “professionals” barked orders and changed their minds, and enforcement could be brutal, if not cruel. Actually, there was one thing that was most definitely consistent: FEAR! It was everywhere and it was masterfully used to manipulate the masses in ways not previously seen on such a grandiose and global scale.

The most disconcerting thing to me was the extreme level of oppression which resulted from manipulating people’s fear of Covid-19. Even though I could not claim I knew what was going on, I had no doubt where all this was coming from and it could not be from God. Fear comes straight from hell and I determined I would not be part of a diabolical movement.

Although the fallout of Covid-19 caused upheavals in most everyone’s life, 2020 proved to be quite a good year for us. Not only did our previous personal issues get resolved, but the stay-at-home orders and online programming created a perfect opportunity for the advancement of home education as an alternative to going to school. Things for EU were good, perhaps too good, causing us to secretly wonder how long this peaceful upswing would last. We were soon to find out as 2021 got started.

The Lesson (2 Tim. 1:7)
God is not the author of fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. In fact, they are equal opposites. More faith equals less fear and more fear equals less faith. Anything employing fear is manipulative and authoritarian. Using fear as a measure of what was happening, I saw Covid-19 for what it was.

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