When Nothing Makes Sense: Reflections (Part 6)

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Home education documents are essentially parents’ records since they are the ones instructing their children at home, and it is they who have the responsibility for maintaining proper documentation, especially for Education Unlimited’s value-added transcripts.  So, the fellow who demanded I provide non-existing documents was inadvertently admitting to not having done his job.  He brought the matter to the Chairman of the Board (our associate school’s Pastor) who directed me to deliver the records, as demanded.  Since I had limited access to the records that didn’t exist in the first place, the only thing I could do was tell the Chairman I could not do what he was demanding.  He heard me say “would not” instead of “could not”, which initiated the deterioration of both our personal and professional relationships.

What started as a minor disagreement escalated to our disassociation with our sponsor school as Education Unlimited’s contract was terminated and all staff were fired.  The “pastor”, who had contributed nothing to EU other than sponsoring what we were doing, now declared ownership of all things Education Unlimited, albeit without Léo and Faye.

This attempted takeover ended up in failure as neither staff nor parents were interested in sitting under the leadership of a “pastor” who knew little about home educators and who offered but one childless facilitator with no home education experience.  I could have asked, “What could he possibly have been thinking?” But the answer was very obvious: he could not have been thinking at all and I personally believe his motivation was not “pastoral”.

God would not have led us into this ministry only to have it taken over by someone with bad motives.  We had been through this before where God had clearly demonstrated His faithfulness and protection so we let God take care of this by putting our trust in Him.

The lesson (James 1: 2-4)
There is nowhere to go when your world is blown up by unreasonable individuals.  All common sense is jettisoned when pride blinds vision.  When you cannot make sense of nonsense, default to faith.  Don’t waste your time trying to improve things that cannot be changed.

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