Overcoming: Reflections (Part 9)

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The easiest thing to do is quit, yet we all know quitters never win.  While I did not carry the burden, I still felt responsible to the many parents and students who had come to believe we would find a solution to the dissolution of our relationship with our former associate school.

We had spent four months preparing our charter school document, failed and now we only had four months until the start of the next school year.  Somehow, I still believed we would get our own school authority, although I was now keenly aware a charter school would not be the answer.  We had all the excuses for giving up, but we didn’t.

Despite the profound level of disappointment I could have entertained, there was too much to do toward getting our own school.  Was this a failure?  Sure looked like it.  Was this a set back?  Yes.  Reason to quit?  I suppose.  Had it been a waste of time?  No.  Not only was this a learning opportunity which made us wiser going forward, but the document I had created toward obtaining a charter school got the attention of the Department of Education and opened other doors toward our accreditation goal.

I was immediately sent to the school accreditation manager whose task is to vet private school applications before recommending accreditation by the Minister.  The interesting thing that escaped me at the time was that we had been sent to this branch of the Education Department over four months past the deadline for application.  Clearly, someone wanted to see us succeed!  All we had to do was overcome the temptation to allow our circumstances to direct our decisions.

The Lesson
Mountains are big, imposing obstacles that are often placed in our way to discourage us from accomplishing the tasks we are given.  We can climb over them, we can negotiate our way around them, or we can simply tell them to get out of the way.  That takes faith, but only a mustard seed’s worth, which I believe means just having it in the first place.

We told that mountain to get out of the way and we moved on with renewed vigour and hope for our future.

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