Sabotaging Possibilities: Reflections (Part 13)

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Eventually, we attracted our third school sponsor, once again as D-Day was approaching – where the “D” is the first letter of the word death.  It was a last minute arrangement, with little time to get everything lined up.  Our sophisticated technological system had to be re-tooled to work with the new school, which was no small task, but even bigger issues came up.  Let’s call this Maria Event #3.

Now that we had a committed sponsor, Maria wanted to make the entire enterprise as miserable as possible.  She threatened to defund the school over a number of trumped up charges, ending with her disqualifying the use of the Education Unlimited name.

The school representative I was dealing with became so frustrated he reached out to me in a panic.  We determined to get the local MLA involved.  She contacted the Minister of Education, who interceded by making it clear there would be no penalties for proceeding as planned.  She further guaranteed full funding would be in place starting in September, which was a real blessing as the last time we had to switch schools, Maria had withheld funding until January.

By this time, I was so exhausted I was living as an automaton.  To further complicate things, we were denied access to our deceased son’s children, a situation that continues to this day.

We barely got our fall facilitation completed when Maria showed up with yet another salvo.  By now her vendetta had grown to an obsession and she was not above burying our sponsor school in order to annihilate EU.

Maria Event #4 involved telling the school how they would pay the teachers, a demand far exceeding her purview and jurisdiction.  Even though I was in no shape to engage, I had to escalate this contest to her superior, spending days composing a lengthy correspondence in reaction to Maria’s unreasonable requirements.  In the end, I won this contest too.

I completed this exercise just before Christmas.  More than tired, the news of the passing of my good friend, Ted Byfield, was nearly more than I could handle.  However, I still had one more major task to accomplish. Our second application for accreditation was due no later than January 20, 2022.

The Lesson
A gift presented to me years ago by grateful students has a story of two tracks, representing a person walking with the Lord, which diminishes to one set of tracks.  The individual asks the Lord why He abandoned him in a time of need, to which the Lord replies that He did not abandon but rather carried the individual during his tough times.  That is certainly what was happening to my wife and me.  I was completely spent, pushing myself beyond what was reasonable, yet God never abandoned me even when I was no longer cognizant of my own condition.

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