Facilitation – History Pt. 5: Back to the Basics (Part 34)

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Now that you know how the term “facilitator” came into being and why it is largely a made-in-Alberta phenomenon, we will proceed to describe what facilitation entails.  But first, let me explain why facilitation is necessary.

Government does not “usually” dole out money without strings attached.  While Alberta’s funding of home education is unique and appreciated, there are some provisions that must be met.  Although there is the option to simply notify the government and home educate without school supervision and funding, the majority of home educators accept funding and, correspondingly, the obligations that come with it.

Funded home education in Alberta comes with expectations of both parents and sponsoring schools.  Parents must agree to have their home education “supervised” and schools must do the supervising.  If the school is understanding and amicable toward the home educated, the assigned teacher will be encouraged to work with parents as a facilitator and so will not likely be seen as a threat to them.  Should the assigned teacher be more of a school-supporting supervisor he/she will tend to exercise authority over the parents and the home education program.

This means it is very important to know the agency with which you choose to enroll your children.  Understanding that the funding provisions for government programs come at a higher rate than for traditional home education or unschooling, there is a simple test to be able to ascertain whether your future assigned teacher will indeed facilitate or supervise.

Assuming you desire maximum autonomy while exercising your parental authority and that you desire to unschool, ask the potential home education provider if it is possible to receive high school government accreditation through their agency.  If the answer is yes, find another board.  An affirmative answer means the school will likely be pushing you toward better paying government programming, and the assigned supervising teacher will probably be less accommodating of your desires.

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