Facilitation – History Pt. 8: Back to the Basics (Part 37)

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With over thirty years of facilitation under our belt, my wife, Faye, and I have witnessed pretty well everything, both good and bad.   We were the very first to visit our assigned families as a couple.  This sure turned a lot of heads as it set a new trend.  There are still a few couples facilitating today, some working through Education Unlimited.

We have seen a large part of the Province of Alberta and been involved with a number of families of different cultures and religious affiliations.

We have watched as children grow up, move from home, start families and enrol their children with us.  In fact, we are not very far from enrolling children from the next generation meaning there is a good chance we will soon see three generations of home educators.  Wow!

We have been at this so long, we have graduated from individual visits to family reunions.  What a blessing it is to see the “old” folks come to their children’s places and visit with us when we facilitate their grandchildren.

I am sure we could write a book on the adventures we have had while doing what we believe is the best job on earth.  In jest, we sometimes refer to our facilitation travels as missionary journeys.  I believe we have been on over sixty of them in the course of thirty years, half in the fall and half in the spring.  We have come to prefer the spring visits as there is more light to travel in, but often that comes with the price of mud.

During all that time, we have been blessed with the best of cultural cuisine, wild game and decadent desserts.  Not only have we been fed, but continuously blessed with a multitude of gifts and we can’t count the number of field trips, fun rides and additional travels our parents took us on to share their lives with us.

We have been blessed beyond measure and description.  We have learned a great deal about the wonderful mosaic of people that make up this great province and we have had a big hand in the restoration of familial authority.  We have done our best to pass this wisdom to the wonderful folks who we are blessed to have working with us in serving the home educating community of this province.

Why this testimony?  Simply to say you should enjoy your facilitator and look forward to their visits.  I know we did and the fact that so many came to our 50th celebration leads us to believe the feeling was mutual.  It is our hope and prayer that every home educating family would also want to attend an event celebrating the life of their facilitator.  Would you go to a special event for yours?  I hope so, as this is what we believe a family-facilitator relationship should look like.

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