The Heartbeat of Education Unlimited (Part 2)

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By the mid-1990s, we had become unschoolers, not because it was trendy, as most home educators of that era simply desired to outperform their local school, but because it was the only way we could respect the individuality of each of our children as well as the uniqueness of our family. We had broken free from the school mould.

This discovery not only benefitted our children at home, but applying what I was learning through my home educating experience to my classroom, greatly improved my students’ situation as well. In other words, not doing school at school greatly benefitted my classroom students also.

I changed my classroom persona from being a “teacher” to being a “mentor.” This made such a tremendous difference that I became known as the one who could cause my students to think. While I should have been honoured by this, I was actually saddened as I believed I was doing nothing more than what should have been expected of all teachers.
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The Heartbeat of Education Unlimited (Part 1)

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Faye and I started Education Unlimited in 1999, as a home educating couple wanting to help and encourage other home educating parents.

It has since grown to include a wonderful group of like-minded individuals, including facilitators, managers and assistants who share the vision and direction of this ministry. It has also come to include a large number of parents seeking true freedom in educating their children.

My own professional education journey started over forty years ago. It took me through 25 years of classroom teaching in two provinces, in two languages within private, separate and public schools.

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Introduction to the 2019-20 Academic Year

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What a difference a day makes! Twenty-four little hours!

These two sentences are actually the first two lines in an old song originally popularized by Dinah Washington in the late 1950s. Although the song was about how one’s life can suddenly be much improved with a positive event, we all know life can also deal us events and issues that can be more of a disastrous nature.

Alberta home educators should have been collectively singing that song on the morning of April 17, 2019. What a difference a day made! Twenty-four little hours saw the removal of an anti-Christian government that essentially thought it was far wiser than parents. Twenty-four little hours moved Education Unlimited from threatened extinction to being given at least another year to live.
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