What Does Parental Freedom Look Like? Freedom (Part 2)

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There is usually much excitement when parents first make the decision to teach their children at home.  Unfortunately, rather than starting with a commitment to avoid the pitfalls of school-based learning, it is usually a matter of bringing school home with the children.

This is not unusual.  In fact, it is perfectly natural, as most parents have had limited, if any, exposure to what home education is all about.  Most do not understand what parental freedom looks like, having only experienced some form of school-based education themselves.

First, let us begin by defining freedom.  The dictionary provides three definitions for us.  Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.  This is what we usually think of when describing freedom.  The second definition is really more a qualifier of the first which is that freedom must be in the absence of subjugation to foreign domination or despotic government.  The third definition is easy to understand as we are not free if we are imprisoned or enslaved.  We are all born free, unless we are “citizens” of a “despotic” government or “enslaved”.  However, that does not mean we stay free.
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Freedom (Part 1)

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We all want to be free.  We yearn to be able to do what we want, where we want, when we want, how we want, all within reason, of course.  Ever notice how many songs are about freedom?  Next to love, freedom is probably the most sung about theme or topic.  That is because love and freedom are probably what life is all about.

I have always been a freedom fighter.  I have gained a reputation for standing for what I know to be the truth.  Not that I know everything and certainly not that I cannot change what I have come to believe with time and experience, but I will not back down when told to do something that is questionable.

I recently read that to take a stand is to provoke an answer regarding an issue at hand.  This is essential.  There should be a good or reasonable answer for what is being demanded or advanced.  If there isn’t one, something has to be changed. For instance, how often is the question “Why are we doing this?” answered with “Because that is the way we have always done it” or simply “Because” without elaboration?  These responses are not acceptable as neither answers the question as much as insinuates that to question is itself wrong.  If questioning is wrong, how can anyone come to knowledge of the truth?  And, if we do not know the truth, it cannot set us free.  Back to freedom.
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