Lessons Learned (Part 4)

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In the last few blogs, I discussed how simple life can be when we choose to serve God rather than man and prioritize our lives to include God, family and friends.  I then went on to show how we end up being directed in life by things we believe to be true, but we end up misguided because we do not question what is being presented.  We have come to trust the “science”, the “experts”, the “professionals” and the “authorities” without considering that they could be wrong, or worse, intend on doing wrong.

When filled with the false information we have come to believe, we end up pawns in a game that almost always takes us away from God and/or the purpose for which we exist.

However, it is not always because we have come to be filled with bad information that we stray from reality.  It can certainly be as a consequence of being so busy there is no time to stop and evaluate.  There is also the problem of familiarity which often causes us to miss two important issues.
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Lessons Learned (Part 3)

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A few years ago, I heard some sound wisdom while helping a friend at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.  This is a place were you will find no pretensions.  Everyone is genuine and sincere.  All understand that they fall short of the glory of God.

At this gathering, people shared their sad stories without fear of being judged by others because everyone is well acquainted with their own faults.  As I listened to these accounts, an old man not only shared his story of profound loss and destruction, but offered his advice for recovery from alcoholism.  I will never forget his wisdom and even though I cannot point to a specific Chapter and verse of the Bible in direct support of his statement, I can testify from a lifetime of experience that his insight was genuine and most certainly true.  He simply said he finally came to a place where he could seriously deal with his problem the day he stopped believing his own bullshit!
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Lessons Learned (Part 2)

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I ended my last blog by questioning how we have complicated our lives such that we have lost our focus on God, family and friends?

I spoke of our busyness and how we unquestioningly accept and believe what we are told.  How does this happen?

Perhaps it is best to start by going back to the beginning of time.  We are all familiar with the story of Adam and Eve: their creation; their freedom; the directives God gave them; how they failed; the consequences of their disobedience; and the repercussions of their disobedience for all of mankind.
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Lessons Learned (Part 1)

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Continuing with my recent return to blogging, I would like to share the lessons I learned while flitting in and out of consciousness during my struggle with Covid.

Before I begin, I must share that most of what occupied my thoughts at the time made no sense at all.  Repeating that I have enjoyed Divine health most of my life, I can easily say I have had very little to do with pharmaceutical drugs and I am blaming the hospital-administered drugs for causing the hallucinations and lack of reasonable cognizance.  Still, some things kept returning to me as I analyzed life and living from the base perspective of either no return or an opportunity for renewal.
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