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Common Sense: Back to the Basics (Part 16)

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It is often said that common sense is not that common.  This may be true, but it depends on who is involved.  Most people have been educated in some kind of school.  School was initially invented to help children think differently from their parents.  Perhaps there are a few schools that serve the community on behalf of the parents, but what if parents are themselves deluded by the things they learned in school?  Talk about a self-perpetuating institution of error!

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I Want My Child to Attend University: Back to the Basics (Part 15)

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We all want to see our children succeed.  Yet, when I ask parents what they mean by success, almost always the answer is, “We want them to be happy, content with their lot in life, the job they have and the person they marry.”  Maybe not in that order, but close enough.

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I Need to Send My Children to High School: Back to the Basics (Part 14)

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This time I want to start with the conclusion:  No, you do not need to send your children to high school to get accreditation so they can go to college.  First of all, you have no idea if college is required in your child’s life.  Secondly, children going to college are young adults and need to make that decision themselves.  Forcing kids to go to college may increase your bragging rights, but it may not be what your child wants or needs.  Thirdly, there is more than one way to get to college, even if the world is screaming otherwise.

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I Can’t Teach High School Level: Back to the Basics (Part 13)

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This may be true.  Perhaps you never completed high school yourself or maybe you did not excel at that level.  No big deal.  Two things must be considered when addressing this concern, but first, let’s be abundantly clear that bringing “high school” home is not a solution but rather more a matter of normalizing school ideology.  The only real thing schooled high school grads can claim is that they were incarcerated for at least twelve years.  A potential employer looking for faithful workers should  ask for a high school diploma as proof that a potential employee can stick with something they don’t enjoy for a long time!

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My Daughter (Son) Wants to Be a… Back to the Basics (Part 12)

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Aside from specializing in confusion, schools do a great disservice to students when they program them in computer fashion.  One way this is demonstrated is by telling students they can be anything they want to be.  Although this may sound reasonable at first blush, it is a big fat lie.

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The “Different” Child: Back to the Basics (Part 11)

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“But my child is different,” you say.  “She is special needs and requires special programming.” Yes, indeed, but all children are special needs.  All children are unique and in need of special programming.  Through God’s eyes, we are all special and precious, differences notwithstanding.  God’s love is ubiquitously applied to everyone.  We can all be thankful for that.

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The Standard Child: Back to the Basics (Part 10)

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We have all heard the rhetoric regarding standards.  While we may appreciate the expectation of standards in certain things like cars, planes boat and trains, the application of standards to students is absurd.

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What Should I do With my Kindergarten Student? Back to the Basics (Part 9)

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Nothing!  Let them play.  The main reason schools accommodate children at that tender age is because the school system is first and foremost a daycare system.  All they do is play at school, albeit maybe with a bit of structure, but how much academic programming is actually being advanced?  I am not saying there is no programming, just a low level of academic programming.  Please hear what I am saying.  The younger they are, the more impressionable.  School is where children first learn that the most important person on earth is themselves, the very thing we strive to remove from children at home.

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Foundations: Back to the Basics (Part 8)

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The most fundamental component of any structure is its foundation.  We all know this, yet when it comes to raising children – essentially building a life – we often forget the importance of building upon a solid foundation for living.  This is not usually the case for the home educating, as the most common reason for deciding to home educate in the first place is a general dissatisfaction with the school system, particularly regarding faith issues.

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What is Required? Back to the Basics (Part 7)

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One of the most common misconceptions regarding educating children at home is exposed by the question  “What is required?”  I am most perplexed when I hear that query from people actually professing to be unschoolers or desiring to unschool.  This question can only be truthfully answered with a question: Who or what is establishing these so-called “requirements”?

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