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Topics are meant to challenge you to think differently, to make a difference in this world, starting with the children you have been blessed with.

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When Nothing Makes Sense: Reflections (Part 6)

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Home education documents are essentially parents’ records since they are the ones instructing their children at home, and it is they who have the responsibility for maintaining proper documentation, especially for Education Unlimited’s value-added transcripts.  So, the fellow who demanded I provide non-existing documents was inadvertently admitting to not having done his job.  He brought the matter to the Chairman of the Board (our associate school’s Pastor) who directed me to deliver the records, as demanded.  Since I had limited access to the records that didn’t exist in the first place, the only thing I could do was tell the Chairman I could not do what he was demanding.  He heard me say “would not” instead of “could not”, which initiated the deterioration of both our personal and professional relationships.
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The Closer The People, The Greater The Pain: Reflections (Part 5)

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While 2020 was a great year, 2021 started out with a bang. Although it was not a bang from a gun, it felt like a projectile had been hurled our way. However, as the saying goes, we dodged that bullet.

It all started when a disgruntled parent, who most certainly should have known better, got angry at me for failing to do HIS job. He wanted me to deliver transcripts he had contributed nothing toward after deciding to leave Education Unlimited and go with the new option for notification only. I found myself caught in an awkward situation. I would have given this dad the documents he was demanding, but since he had done nothing with our parent-completed transcripts, there was nothing to deliver!

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Tested: Reflections (Part 4)

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It seemed to come upon us very quickly and by March of 2020, we were all being told to do things none of us were happy about. We complied in the hope of securing health and safety for everyone. Covid-19 was the worst pandemic since the influenza of 1918-20, which we were told, killed nearly 100 million people because they just were not as smart as us. All we had to do was follow the “experts” and it would soon be all over.

Nobody really knew what was happening. We defaulted to doing what we were told, even if the rules seemed to be confusing and constantly changing. We were told it would only require two weeks to flatten the curve. I wondered about this curve as it was nowhere near flattened after two weeks, nor after two months, nor two years for that matter!

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Listen, Hear and Then Obey: Reflections (Part 3)

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While I have been involved in political activities for most of my life, I am not much of a “groupie”. Aside from my serious involvement in the establishment of the Reform Party of Canada a long time ago, I now tend to maintain my memberships in political parties more so I can be in the know of what is happening and influence when opportunity is presented.

While I often communicate with political leaders and government workers, I believe most of my contributions go largely unnoticed, but then again we never really know what effect our efforts actually have. One thing is certain: you won’t have any effect if you do nothing other than complain.

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It Happens! Reflections (Part 2)

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Those of you familiar with the 1994 movie “Forrest Gump” may remember the scene in which Forest says, “It happens” which ends up being preceded with an “Sh”. Maybe this was meant to show bad things happen just as often, if not more often, than good things, and we should all know “it happens” events will occur to us all at some point in our lives.

Those familiar with my wife and I will know that we experienced a number of bad events these past two years. You will remember that 2021 started with major problems with our sponsor school followed by an event of crushing consequence before continuing with even more disasters to make 2021 the worse year my wife and I have ever had to endure. Unfortunately, 2022 didn’t start well either. In fact, it nearly ended before really getting started. More on this, later.

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Reflections (Part 1)

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Life is full of surprises, and not all of them are positive.  Although there may be many things that can get our attention, nothing sneaks up on us like time.  Everyone has heard older folks say that time goes by fast, but who really believes them, unless of course, you are one of the older ones!

Children have a very limited concept of time, while teens seem to be locked in their own immediate time capsule.  While in the twenties, most can only see time as far as the next weekend, and the thirties come with so many responsibilities that time is often blurred. The next thing you know, you are in your forties when your own children reawaken your time consciousness as they embark on creating their own timeline.
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Christmas Break (Part 2)

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Léo’s Insights is taking a two-week Christmas break. It will return on January 9, 2023.

Christmas Break (Part 1)

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Léo’s Insights is taking a two-week Christmas break. It will return on January 9, 2023.

Choosing to Celebrate All That He Has Done

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Regardless of how you view and/or celebrate Christmas, or not, let’s include the rest of the year’s celebrations in this message.

I doubt Jesus was born on December 25th.  We know where he was born, and ultimately we know why.  We can imagine how he was born, as he came through normal channels, but we do not know exactly when.  Still, for the sake of argument, let’s say we celebrate the birth of Christ at this time of year.

Two followup celebrations take place in February:  Valentine’s Day, when we celebrate love, which the Apostle John tells us is the essence of God, and Family Day, when we celebrate God’s nuclear unit of life.
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Decisions – Summary: Choices (Part 15)

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We all face having to make decisions every day.  While most decisions are inconsequential, some are very serious, as the consequences could affect others well into the future, particularly in regards to children.  It makes no real difference whether you make a peanut butter or jam sandwich or both for that matter, and the colour of your socks will hardly be noticed, unless of course it is different on each foot. But something like deciding to home educate will have far reaching consequences.

Deciding to home educate is a very big decision that will put you in conflict with status quo expectations.  However, please remember that if everyone does the same, everyone gets the same.  More importantly, the only way to make a difference in this world is to be different.  While having different coloured socks may attract attention (our PM comes to mind), home education influences the future by producing adults who think differently from those who followed school, cookie-cutter, think-alike programming.
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