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Being Misunderstood: Misleadership (Part 6)

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Have you ever been criticized or accused of being offensive? I most certainly have and more than once.

Causing offence is rarely a desirable goal although you will run into people who seem to delight in offending others, somehow getting a uniquely perverse thrill or some strange sense of superiority out of seeing people upset or angry.

No doubt, life provides many opportunities for offence to occur, but is “offence” always the result of bad motives on the part of the “offender”? Of course not.
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Being Misappropriated: Misleadership (Part 5)

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Home education is generally misunderstood and unappreciated around the globe. Indeed, in many parts of the world, home education is either illegal, greatly controlled or simply not realistic, given that a good part of the global population is uneducated or under educated.

Home education is legal and generally accepted throughout North America, but varies with each state or province. Alberta’s home education situation is unique in that Alberta is one of the very few political jurisdictions in the world to fund home education as a viable option within its Ministry of Education.

Unique environments usually have unique species. Alberta’s unique approach to home education has created an environment where educational phenomena not seen anywhere else, exist.
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Being Misrepresented: Misleadership (Part 4)

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An old politician once quipped that what starts as the election of an individual to represent constituents to Ottawa is often quickly transitioned into their becoming Ottawa’s representative to the constituents.

Is this standard procedure? How often are we misrepresented by our representative? Even more important is the question of how many are actually aware that they are being misrepresented.

To fully understand this problem is rather rare because most people are just too busy or simply not interested in what their representative is actually engaged in or doing. Most do not even take the time to vote, keep informed, attend meetings or communicate with those elected to represent them.
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Being Misled: Misleadership (Part 3)

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In the first instalment of this series, I talked about how we are often purposefully misinformed, usually towards having us normalize and accept something that would never have been accepted in the first place.

Next, applying what we had learned in the first session, I proposed how noble causes can be created, manipulated and misdirected to advance an ulterior goal.

In this session, I want to show how we are often being misled to trust things that just ain’t so.
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Being Misdirected: Misleadership (Part 2)

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Applying what we have learned about not accepting the information we are given at face value and knowing that we are often being manipulated to support causes we know very little, if anything, about, all towards a predetermined goal, I thought it might be time to consider what might have happened within the realm of education in the Province of Alberta since 2015.

Please understand that this particular issue cannot be entirely blamed on or attributed to the existing NDP Government as it begins with Bill 10, created and passed by the previous Progressive Conservative Government before the 2015 election. Still, the majority of what may be considered to be the most egregious actions have indeed been initiated and implemented by the existing Minister of Education.

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Being Misinformed: Misleadership (Part 1)

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It has often been said that things may not always be as they seem. This is true. Perhaps even more often than not. It is also well known within leadership circles that the best way to get what you want is to create a situation where the people are led to demand what an agency desires to do. This series will be addressing this issue.

We are most likely only getting the information we are supposed to get; that is, what information we are to accept as factual, even when it isn’t. The question is, whose interest is being represented and/or protected and what is the reason for it?

To be sure, there has never been a shortage of liars, cheats, deceivers, and con artists to trick, dupe or indoctrinate us, but it seems to be far more prevalent today, than ever.

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Quit or Carry On? Quitting (Part 10)

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Actually, there are no good reasons for quitting. Well, I wish this were true, but it isn’t. Sometimes life has a way of throwing things at us that require major shifts in plans, if not paradigm changes to our lives.

We started this series with reasons for not quitting, the biggest being that we, as followers of Christ, are not really given the option to quit, that is, if obedience matters.

We then went on to discuss how (grand)parents, church, family and children can all play roles in convincing us to lose our resolve to home educate and send our children back to the very system we originally intended to escape.

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Your Quitting Is Not My Fault! Quitting (Part 9)

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I received an interesting email the other day from a former student who must have been struggling with decisions he had made. In a half-hearted attempt at justifying his case or cause, he had come to question a number of things associated with our past relationship.

While I am not at liberty to discuss the issue raised in this communication, I do believe my response contains thoughts that everyone should consider.

Here goes!
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Quitting Due to Burnout: Quitting (Part 8)

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One of my greatest disappointments is when I see parents lose their resolve to home educate and send their children to school. I keep thinking that I could have done better, that maybe I should have been able to see this coming and to have done something to avoid this catastrophe.

I have been advising families for a long time and I know that once families decide to quit home educating it is nearly impossible to convince them otherwise. Still, and against my better judgement, I usually feel the need to do something out of my Christian conviction to love my neighbour even though I risk wasting my time and more by attempting to clearly explain how their decision to quit is in error.

The following is what I wrote to such a family in response to their letter informing me of their decision to send their children to school after many years of having home educated them from the start. I hope you can glean some pearls of wisdom from what I wrote:
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Pressured by Parents to Quit – Part 4: Quitting (Part 7)

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Since this is the final part in a continuous series, I highly recommend that if you have not yet viewed the first three parts of this series, that you do so before proceeding.

GP – Third, there are standard tests given by a third party at the end of the school year to determine if the child has met provincial standards. “Boy” deserves to be taught to the standard and we think you need to have some accountability to someone.

LG – Yes, “Boy” deserves to be taught to a standard, but whose standard are we using? The absence of true standards is the best kept secret of the entire education industry. They cannot exist. How can we standardize people?
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