Short-Term Consequences of Choosing Home Education: Choices (Part 11)

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Every decision comes with consequences. Unfortunately, the word consequences has taken on a negative meaning. We have all heard the warning “there will be consequences” and we have all heard the unspoken “that you will not like”. Truth is, consequences are directly related to the decision. Therefore, if bad decisions usually result in bad consequences, good decisions should bring good consequences.

We all know we are living in an imperfect world where the expected can elude us. Rose-colored glasses do not change the fact that bad things happen, even to good people who make good decisions. There are no guarantees other than inevitable death, taxes (if you make money), and persecution for doing good, and there are most certainly no guarantees in home education.
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More Decisions – Family Structure? Choices (Part 10)

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While choices abound for the why’s, how’s, when’s, where’s and what’s of home education, there are other decisions that must be made to ensure a sound foundation upon which to conduct your educational efforts.

One of the biggest reasons families fail to continue a home education program is because their house is out of order.  Today, I would like to address this most important topic and the decisions required to get this right.

There is an old saying that anything with more than one head is a freak or monster.  This is true, especially when applied to the family.  On the other hand, if there is no head the entity is dead, and a house lacking leadership is on a collision course with failure.
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