The Home Educated and the Post-Secondary World

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Now that we have discussed student learning outcomes, let’s take a look at education from the post-secondary world’s perspective.

But, before we do, we should define what “post-secondary” means so we can all be on the same page. Let’s have a bit of fun doing this. To properly define “post-secondary,” we need to simply unpack it into its component terms and then establish what each means before reassembling them to clearly understand what we are talking about.

The first term is post. Farmers have no trouble understanding this term as describing something which is pounded into the ground upon which we attach some kind of restraining object such as rails or wire.
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Post-Secondary Success: No Diploma? No Problem! (Part 8)

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Success. What is it? When asking parents how they would define success for their children, the answer usually boils down to one thing, happiness. Children are usually a bit more idealistic respecting their futures, as would be expected of those not yet acquainted with much life experience.

Regardless, if you think about it, every student is post-secondary bound, insofar as he/she will complete the secondary (high school) level, whether it involves accreditation or not. Either way, accreditation is no guarantee of college attendance.

No doubt, every job, task or career involves higher education.

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