Lessons in Education: Schools Are “Outed”! (Part 9)

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused all of us to reassess priorities and politics this past spring. One of the obvious areas where this has had to take place was within the education system when schools were closed indefinitely.

Of particular interest to home educators is how the pandemic has caused some to question the conventional wisdom of the school’s approach to education. From questioning “socialization” to differentiating between home schooling and home education, the schools’ closure forced us all to rethink what is normally considered as status quo.

It is said that the best way to hide a lie is right out in the open. This is something that schools have been doing for years, which is one of the things that the pandemic exposed. The sending of all the students home has turned the most common assumption regarding education on its head, which in turn has led to much frustration.
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How A Home Education Differs from A Standard Education

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We are all thankful for having choice in education. After all, if everyone was subject to being educated in the exact same way, we would be correct in renaming schools, factories.

In a factory, the goal is to consistently produce the same product without issue, as anything differing from the expected standard is usually a source of trouble. Fortunately, we do not have factory schools, or do we?

Since standards are often mentioned in education, one can be forgiven for thinking that schools are perhaps factories. One’s suspicions are elevated when it is discovered that there is no real definition for standards in schools. There may be vague references to Student Learning Outcomes, but if every student is expected to achieve the same things, how is that different from the standard expectation of a factory?

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