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Street Address:
470 Glenelm Cres.
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470 Glenelm Cres., Waterloo, ON N2L 5C8
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N2L 5C8
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Not Available

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Great Lakes Bible College offers education to those looking to increase their knowledge and application of Biblical principles. Certificate or degree programs available. The school operates from the building of the Waterloo Church of Christ. Small intimate classes.

This Institution:

 Does offer online programming.

 Is not actively recruiting home educated students.

 Is not endorsed by Education Unlimited as Home-Education Friendly.

Endorsement Criteria

Home Education Admission Policy/Process/Procedure

Please Note: Directives are intended for students who lack Alberta Programs of Study Accreditation and serve only as guidelines when seeking or preparing for admission equivalents (alternatives) to Alberta 30 level requirements.
Specific admission requirements vary with programs.

Admission to the certificate and diploma programs of Great Lakes Bible College requires a high school diploma. Admission to GLBC's degree programs requires the equivalent of a Canadian university entrance qualification. Students with a general high school diploma can qualify for the degree programs by maintaining a B average during the first and second years at GLBC and by receiving the Dean's approval. Christian Life Requirement The applicant to Great Lakes Bible College must give evidence of a personal commitment to Christ and His teachings, and indicate a willingness to comply with the regulations of the college. The applicant will identify two references in his or her application form. These will be contacted directly by the college to request statements regarding the applicant's suitability for enrolment in Bible college studies.

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