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Quest University Canada is an independent, not-for-profit, secular university that offers only one degree, a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences. We focuses entirely on excellence in undergraduate education by having small classes of maximum 20 students and require all students to design their own major.

This Institution:

 Does not offer online programming.

 Is actively recruiting home educated students.

 Is endorsed by Education Unlimited as Home-Education Friendly.

Endorsement Criteria

Home Education Admission Policy/Process/Procedure

Please Note: Directives are intended for students who lack Alberta Programs of Study Accreditation and serve only as guidelines when seeking or preparing for admission equivalents (alternatives) to Alberta 30 level requirements.
Specific admission requirements vary with programs.

Quest has a holistic admissions process that aims to evaluate students on more than just academic performance. As part of their application, students submit a transcript (see below for more information on options for this) and an essay on one of 7 topics. Once these pieces are submitted, each applicant is required to do an interview with one of our admissions counselors either via phone or Skype, or in person. Home-schooled students, who are familiar with working independently, often have an easy transition to the academic life at Quest. In classes of 20 or fewer, students study closely with professors who they know on a first name basis. Working with their faculty advisor, students propose and shape their own major, and are encouraged to participate in hands-on experiences such as internships, study abroad opportunities, and field work. We also strongly encourage applications from Self-Designed, Unschooled, Democratic-Schooled, Sudbury-Schooled or Free-Schooled students. Here are some tips for students coming from untraditional academic programs: • Review the application process and requirements. Quest believes that grades, though important, are just one facet of an individual—we want to know more about our applicants. • Contact your Admissions Counsellor who can answer any questions related to your specific case. • In the absence of a high school transcript, we recommend you send us any of the following: evaluations, GED, recommendation letters, your resume, your reading list, published works, and/or a portfolio. • While we don't require any standardized tests, in the absence of a transcript, SAT or ACT scores may be helpful.

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