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Columbia Bible College provides a close-knit community to grow deeper in faith and knowledge. Choices include certificates, diplomas, or BA options. Scholarships/bursaries open annually. We run basketball, volleyball, chapel, worship nights, themed activities and events.

This Institution:

 Does offer online programming.

 Is actively recruiting home educated students.

 Is endorsed by Education Unlimited as Home-Education Friendly.

Endorsement Criteria

Home Education Admission Policy/Process/Procedure

Please Note: Directives are intended for students who lack Alberta Programs of Study Accreditation and serve only as guidelines when seeking or preparing for admission equivalents (alternatives) to Alberta 30 level requirements.
Specific admission requirements vary with programs.

Columbia welcomes graduates of home-based schools and other unaccredited and/or non-traditional secondary education programs. Each candidate who is unable to present provincially/state-examined matriculation subjects is evaluated on an individual basis in order to gauge their readiness for college-level studies. Applicants are required to provide evidence of academic ability including, but not limited to: essays, home education charts, SAT, ACT or GED test scores.


One of the best ways to see if Columbia is the right fit for you is to attend a View event. A great mix of live presentation and newly-created video content to give you a taste of what it's like to study at Columbia! Meet the Admissions team, hear from President Bryan, get to know our programs, campus, and community - and more! Bonus: we'll waive your $50 application fee as a special thank you for participating. https://www.columbiabc.edu/fs/virtual-visit

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