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The objective of the Maritime College of Forest Technology is to produce competent forest technologists for service with private, industrial or public (government) forestry or natural resource organizations.

This Institution:

 Does not offer online programming.

 Is actively recruiting home educated students.

 Is endorsed by Education Unlimited as Home-Education Friendly.

Endorsement Criteria

Home Education Admission Policy/Process/Procedure

Please Note: Directives are intended for students who lack Alberta Programs of Study Accreditation and serve only as guidelines when seeking or preparing for admission equivalents (alternatives) to Alberta 30 level requirements.
Specific admission requirements vary with programs.

Home schooled students are expected to meet the same admissions requirements as their high school counterparts in their Province of residence. The following evidence is required by the Maritime College of Forest Technology’s admissions team to ensure that students have the academic preparation they need to succeed. Third-party (correspondence/online) service applicants: Should arrange for an official transcript to be forwarded directly to the Maritime College of Forest Technology’s admissions office by the issuing institution. Information pertaining to the curriculum followed should be included. Applicants following an independent program: Should provide a record of grades (grade 11 and 12) along with a description of the grading scheme, curriculum followed, and textbooks followed. Applicants are also welcome to submit a portfolio of their academic work or a resume of extracurricular involvement in support of their application. The Maritime College of Forest Technology admissions team reserves the right to request additional documentation to support your application if needed. Applicants following an independent program with a non-traditional curriculum/grading scheme: Official standardized test results (SAT, ACT, GED, etc.) may be required.

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