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A Call to Action for Home Educators!

On November 14, Education Minister David Eggen renewed his threat to remove government funding from private schools that do not adopt policies allowing for the creation of gay-straight alliances (GSAs). If Minister Eggen follows through with his threat, a large number of home educators in Alberta will be directly affected.

Home educators in Alberta are able to register their children with accredited funded private schools, as well as with public and separate schools. Since a large proportion of home educators are Christians, many prefer to register with private Christian schools that reflect their biblical Christian beliefs. These are precisely the kinds of schools Minister Eggen is currently targeting.

GSAs are frequently promoted as safe spaces for vulnerable students to gather. No one is opposed to safe spaces for students, so this aspect of GSAs is not objectionable. However, there is much more to GSAs than simply providing safe spaces. GSAs are based on the premise that homosexuality and other forms of non-traditional sexuality are good and acceptable. That is, the philosophy underlying GSAs is contrary to biblical Christian sexual morality. Therefore, private schools founded on biblical Christianity cannot approve of GSAs without compromising their very reason for existence.

If principled Christian private schools are defunded, they will no longer be able to register home educating students. In that case, the registration options for home educators would be limited to government schools (public schools and separate schools) or private Christian schools that have compromised biblical Christian moral teaching. Therefore, home educators should defend the principled Christian private schools, such as the Independent Baptist Christian Education Society (Harvest Baptist Academy), that have refused to surrender their biblical beliefs in the face of government threats.

An excellent way for home educators to defend these schools is to communicate their concerns to elected officials. With that in mind, we have created easy-to-use tools to enable anyone who supports private Christian education to email elected officials and explain why they oppose Minister Eggen’s bullying of private schools.

The emails generated by these tools are already written, but they can be easily modified and personalized. In fact, we encourage people to personalize their emails, although doing so is not required. Please take a moment and use our system to make your elected officials understand that you oppose Minister Eggen’s proposed actions.

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