Click N KIDS

Click N KIDS is a website which either serves as an online resource, or is the source for purchasing their specific program or curriculum.
You can access it at the link below.


Products/Services Offered

• Simulates a live classroom with guided instruction by nationally recognized education professor • Complete Pre-K to 5th grade learn to read and spelling curriculums built into easy to use products • Guaranteed to work for beginning, struggling and learning disabled children, teenagers and adults • Easily accessible to everyone in the world with a simple login ID on our web site • Student works entirely on their own patiently guided by the on screen instructor • Convenient and comprehensive progress reports that also show you any lessons to repeat • ClickN KIDS programs are the best reading and spelling programs and children love them! • Online software: more reliable, easier to use and far superior than CD Products! • You can earn credit for future purchases when you refer your friends!

Here's how we have Click N KIDS classified:

  • Type:
    • Website
  • Subject:
    • English / Language Arts
  • Level:
    • Primary
  • Formats:
    • Curriculum
    • Online Courses
    • Computer-Based Learning