iLearn: Canada


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A fun way to learn the names and locations of the provinces and territories of Canada. Features include spoken audio for young learners.

Three modes to choose from:
• Learn Mode allows you to tap and highlight each province or territory to see its name and abbreviation. Launch the information panel to view additional facts about each, including: capital city, official languages, and more.
• Game Mode pits you against the clock to see how many provinces and territories you can identify in one minute. Earn bonus points for any time remaining on the clock. Leader board keeps track of high scores.
• Test Mode quizzes you by asking you to identify each province or territory without the pressure of a clock, and scores you based on the total number of attempts.

Here's how we have iLearn: Canada classified:

  • Type:
    • iOS App
  • Subject:
    • Social Studies
  • Level:
    • Primary
  • Formats:
    • Experiential Learning
    • Computer-Based Learning