The Disclaimer

Education Unlimited's team believes passionately in the merits of home education.  However, it is important to note that even if home education is the best way to train and disciple children, it is not the antidote to the evils of the world.  Making the best decisions can only lead to the best possibility of good consequences, but never to an assurance that all will go perfectly.

Our view that the home is the best, safest and most comfortable environment in which to stimulate the child to be all that he/she can be is based on certain assumptions.
They include:

  • The parents are indeed loving parents, who would never knowingly or willingly harm their children.
  • The home is in order, with the father assuming the ultimate authority and responsibility for the training, teaching and discipling of his children.
  • The parents value education, are learners themselves and desire what is best for their children.
  • The faith and parental resolve to put the children’s future in God’s hands is maintained to the end, without succumbing to the pressure to conform to the world's presumed wisdom, expectations and accreditation.

Please Note:  We are not exclusively supportive of two parent families.  There are many single parent families educating their children at home, today.  However, as with most other issues, single parenting does present problems not usually faced by two parent families.  For the record, given the number of families we have interacted with, none of the staff of Education Unlimited has ever met or heard of a perfect family!  Every family is less than fully functional in some way, as all are made up of less than perfect individuals.  It is with this understanding that we encourage families to do their best without ever expecting perfection.

AGREEMENT:  Education Unlimited advocates and facilitates only unaccredited, "traditional" home education programs, directed by the parents apart from the structured learning environment of school, provincial curriculum, resources and standards.  We have much experience at successfully offering a workable alternative to provincial accreditation and directing parents accordingly, in keeping with our understanding of biblical directives.  Therefore, parents must agree that should they desire to return to the standard, secular, accredited approach to qualifying for post-secondary, they must also accept all the responsibilities and repercussions of their decision as Education Unlimited does not advocate this approach.

Education Unlimited makes no apology for openly advocating a biblical perspective and approach to home education, anymore than it expects apology from those advancing a more secular world view.