College Testimonials

"Have really appreciated Education Unlimited especially in the high school years of my children's education. I would have been very stressed otherwise trying to acquire credits and the 'Alberta Diploma.' It was such a relief to know that I could continue down the traditional homeschooling path without worrying that my kids would not succeed in life or fulfill their destinys. I'm so thankful that I listened to their advice. My kids are very well grounded, unique in their own ways, and each fulfilling their purposes in life. They've been able to get whatever jobs they wanted and attend whatever schools they've wanted to. Very glad I chose the home school path with Education Unlimited!"
-Pamela Landry

"Our daughter was educated using the ACE curriculum, consistently scoring two grades higher than age level on standardized tests throughout. After averaging a mid-70’s percentile score on the US college-entrance SAT at age 15, she completed her program at 16 years of age with a 3.9+ cumulative GPA and was accepted into a top-five-ranked baccalaureate college in the western US without government credits or diploma. She was well-prepared for the challenges of university education, being consistently praised by older classmates for her organization, diligence, and discipline, completing her degree requirements in 3½ years and graduating with great honours at age 20."
-Jeff & Lam Mrochuk

"We've home educated our older two children who are now firmly established in their careers. One chose an apprenticeship route at the age of 16 and the other pursued sciences and then RMT. Both have entered their fields of work through a non-traditional route and without credits or diploma."
-Diane Van Doesburg

"Our original intent was the standard 12 years of education for all of our kids. But as I was putting together our 16 y/o son's transcript, I realized that he had the equivalent (if not greater) level of skills and knowledge as a high school graduate. He started his Bachelor's of Science degree online this fall and jumped right into his 2nd year courses. He is obtaining credit for his first year courses. Plus, he's at the top of his class with a 4.0 average. I'm so thankful for Leo opening my eyes to this possibility! We saved our son 2 years of high school and the time and expense of his first year of university by taking advantage of this freedom and flexibility in home education!"
-Angela Duczek Hardy

"Léo and Faye believe so passionately in home education that just being around them inspires you to reach further. They showed us that there were alternate routes to post-secondary (i.e. not following the Alberta curriculum nor writing departmental exams), which we successfully traveled. We have both a NAIT graduate and a Grant MacEwan graduate so far, and the next oldest is also looking at attending NAIT. If it hadn't been for Léo and Faye's encouragement, I don't think we would have pursued home education at the high school level, and would have missed out on the adventure and blessing that was."
-Molly Ortlieb

"Without a grade 12 or GED and being fully educated at home my daughter was recently certified as a Pharmacy Technician. This process alone may not be something to boast about, but how God took care of details along the way is. My daughter was happily employed and enjoying learning from work experience when this door opened before her. She simply was invited to challenge the exam by her employer. With 2 days notice she wrote the exam and surpassed the 85% pass grade. She was certified at the age of 17 without taking the 2 years of post -secondary courses and without having met any of the course prerequisites. The ease with which this all occurred was amazing!! 1 Thessalonians 2:13 'God is effectually at work in those who believe.'"
-Tamara Westran