Why Home Education?

Home education is best defined as a parent-directed program delivered outside of a structured learning environment such as a school. Beyond this simple definition, home education can become whatever a parent wants for their child! This flexibility is one of the big reasons why families choose to home educate.

In home education, parents have complete control over what their child learns and can spend as much time as they would like focusing on each area of study. A child can spend more time learning about a subject they are passionate about and learn more than they could in a more traditional structured environment. As well, the focused, one-on-one attention of a parent can help a student work through subjects and concepts that they may find more challenging.

The safe, stable environment of the home provides a learning experience free from bullying and negative influences, allowing all students to flourish.  Direct control over a child's education allows parents to teach their child in accordance with their beliefs and values, and to provide gifted and special needs students with a program best suited to their abilities.


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