Helping Others

As a Christian organization, we strive to make a difference not only in the lives of those in our immediate circle, but in those who, because of where they are born, are not able to enjoy the abundance that we take for granted. We invite you to join with us in any way that you can and help us touch more people all over the world!

Home Education

Subject Tutors

This is a new opportunity with Education Unlimited! Our subject tutors are students, parents, and organizations who help home educating students succeed in a variety of subjects. Each tutor sets their own fees and their preferred way to work with a student including in-person and over the phone.

If you are interested in becoming one of our subject tutors, please let us know!

Home Education Mentors

We encourage our experienced home educating parents to share their knowledge with families new to home education as well as those who may be considering the switch by becoming a mentor.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please let us know!

Apprenticeship Program

Our Apprenticeship Program connects those with knowhow to those wanting to learn how.

If you are a master interested in locating an apprentice, please let us know!



“I am the Way.  I am the Truth.  I am the Life,” Jesus said.  Over the last two thousand years the members of His extraordinary movement have radically changed the course of human life and civilization.  They are known to history as “the Christians”.  SEARCH has published an amazing collection of twelve books which cover the history of the Christians.  You can donate to their ministry and purchase your own set of books on the SEARCH website.

Mexico Sponsorship Program

Our founders and directors, Léo & Faye Gaumont, have been personally involved with La Viña in Mazatlán, Mexico for some time.  La Viña is lead by Fred Collom and is supported in Canada through the Central Mexico Mission Society.  They provide English and Spanish Sunday services through which assistance in the form of volunteers and funds are then used to help the many poor people in the area by equipping them to help themselves.  Visit the La Viña website to find out more about how you can help!

Days for Girls

What if not having sanitary supplies meant DAYS without school?  Days of isolation?  Girls use leaves, mattress stuffing, newspaper, corn husks, rocks, anything they can find, but still miss up to two months of education and opportunity every year.  It turns out this issue is a surprising but instrumental key to social change for women all over the world.  Visit the Days for Girls website to find out more about their mission and how you can help them accomplish their goals.

If you have a suggestion for a cause that could be included on this page, please let us know!  We believe that education should be unlimited!