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Facilitation – History Pt. 1: Back to the Basics (Part 30)

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If you were to mention home education facilitation to home educators anywhere other than in Alberta, you are likely to get strange looks.  Most have never heard of it.  “Home education what?” they ask.  “What is it?  What does it entail?  How is it that teachers come into your home?  Isn’t that an affront to the family?  Is it not threatening?  Do you have a choice?”  And a plurality of other queries intent on comprehending what on earth you are talking about.  Since home education facilitation is a phenomenon pretty well unique to Alberta, it requires a made-in-Alberta explanation.

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Testing Home Education – Part 10: Back to the Basics (Part 29)

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I once read a saying that says it all!  “Education is going from an unconscious to conscious awareness of one’s ignorance.”  Perhaps this is a good way to end our series on opposition to home education.  You see, the biggest misunderstanding regarding home education is that it is about training children.  It is, of course, but that is only the beginning.

We have watched in amazement as parents who did not even speak English became completely fluent and bilingual through teaching their children.  We have seen people start to seriously question what life is all about and review their faith convictions as their children have grown to maturity.  Concerned and opposing grandparents have become big supporters and defenders of home education.

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Testing Home Education – Part 9: Back to the Basics (Part 28)

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Now that we have talked about the pushback, opposition, obstacles and other potential persecution one can expect as a consequence of deciding to home educate, let’s look at how to effectively deal with opponents, be they government, third-party agencies, schools, facilitators, family, friends, and/or children.

First, let’s discuss who you are.  I believe I have repeated this quite often.  You are the boss.  Those to whom children are born are the ones responsible for their well-being, including their training and education.  You know what you are doing, having true authority, while your opponents will demonstrate ignorance or exercise false authority.  Simply put, you are the winner before you even engage in defence of your decision, however, do not defend yourself.  Doing so puts your opponents in charge.

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Testing Home Education – Part 8: Back to the Basics (Part 27)

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It is not uncommon for older children to bear a grudge against their parents for having kept them out of what they perceive as the real world.  After all, your decision to do things differently does result in the children being different, which they quickly realize as they venture out into the world.  Is this actually a bad thing?  Young adults leaving the security of the home and entering the crazy world outside will often be challenged by the fact that they’re different.  Lord knows the incredible power of peer pressure.

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Testing Home Education – Part 7: Back to the Basics (Part 26)

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Now that we have addressed the biggest opposers of unschooling within the home education community, let’s address what may be the biggest surprise of all.  It is not unusual for home educating children to oppose your resolve to teach them at home.  Natural curiosity is usually the impetus for home educated students wanting to go to school, especially if they have not attended and are being influenced by children who are.

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Testing Home Education – Part 6: Back to the Basics (Part 25)

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We have now dealt with a few sources and manifestations of home education persecution.  Once you have found your rightful place and authority in the home, there remain two other possible sources of opposition to your plan of doing things your way, at home.

The first bit of testing may actually come from your facilitator.  Please rest assured, I am not addressing those who are enrolled with us here at Education Unlimited.  Our facilitators are all experienced unschoolers who will be your most faithful supporters.  They all recognize that true education is one that escapes school-based ideology and follows the wishes of the parents, meaning they respect parental authority.  They come to your home as your friend to encourage and support you, as well as to offer suggestions for improvement.  Their motto is “parents are the boss”.

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Testing Home Education – Part 5: Back to the Basics (Part 24)

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Eventually, one does get past the opposition to your initial decision to home educate.  Those who are really obsessed with you daring to do things differently start slowly backing off as they witness your resolve and, more importantly, see the results of your home education program.  Most children are not even aware of the profound impact their freedom from school constraints has on those who believed the only way a child can learn is at school.  We can therefore say home education eventually goes into a sort of cruise control once the first few years are completed.

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Testing Home Education – Part 4: Back to the Basics (Part 23)

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The most common form of persecution coming from outside the homeschooling community is likely from within your inner circle.  I am talking about family members who take issue with your decision to educate your children yourself.

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Testing Home Education – Part 3: Back to the Basics (Part 22)

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We have now established the fact that doing the right thing comes at a cost, usually in the form of opposition or persecution.  We also determined that the objective of naysayers is to mindlessly advance the status quo education system and that the best way to deal with this is to ask questions of those who would have you do something other than home educate.

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Testing Home Education – Part 2: Back to the Basics (Part 21)

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As mentioned in the previous vlog, we can expect persecution for being on the path of righteousness, and it is not meant to be enjoyable.  The pressure to adhere to government schooling can at times be overwhelming, especially when it comes from close individuals, and it can lead us to question whether we have indeed made the right decision.  We need to be ready to answer those who would advance the status quo.

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