A great deal of time and effort has been invested in this segment of our web site, as it represents the heartbeat of this ministry.  Although it is impossible to clearly define the steps you will take on your home education “adventure”, this part of the web site will provide some outlines and guidance through the times and events that can be expected along the way.  How you use the information provided here will be entirely dependent on where you are in your parenting and home education journey.  Everyone is encouraged to review all the information presented here to obtain a clear picture of what a Christian home education could, and should, look like.

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Although you have direct access to the individual parts of this work through the Table of Contents, it is recommended that you take the time to “walk through” the entire presentation, which has been created through progressive links.

Please Note: Education Unlimited is resident in the Province of Alberta, Canada, where the government provides a variety of funding options for children learning at home.  Although the following links are meant to encourage home educators from every jurisdiction, there will be occasions, in particular the Getting Started step, which address concerns specific to the home educating community in Alberta.

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