Why Education Unlimited?

We have a sincere passion for helping families with home education from start to finish.  We believe that the love of learning is instilled by God and when consistently directed by parents in the family environment, a child is encouraged to become a motivated, lifelong learner. We believe that parents have the God-given authority and responsibility to nurture, train and teach their children by providing opportunities and experiences that meet each of their children's needs.

We make home education as easy as possible by providing the tools, resources, and support a parent needs including:

  • Advocacy and Leadership
    We work for the betterment of the entire home educating community.
  • Online registration
    This means fast processing, and no paper forms to fill out every year.
  • Submit receipts for reimbursement online
    Get reimbursed for out-of-pocket educational expenses faster.
  • Receive reimbursement payments by direct deposit
    Avoid mail delays and misplaced cheques with direct deposit.
  • Request a purchase order online
    Easily purchase curriculum without out-of-pocket cost from participating vendors.
  • View your account balance online
    Know how much funding you have left for the year.
  • Submit and review your program plans online
    Keep your year organized and on-track.
  • Create a cumulative transcript
    Document progress year-by-year for your high-school-aged children.
  • View your child's records online
    Including those received from past schools.
  • Find program resources and vendors
    Our Program Resources section is a great place to find curriculum, online educational games, and apps that you can use to enhance your child's education.
  • Get help and support
    Reach out to our Home Education Mentors!  You can connect with experienced parents to ask questions or just to get support as you begin your home education journey.
  • Get subject-specific help
    Our Subject Tutors can help your children with subjects they may need more support with.
  • Post-secondary admissions expertise
    Our team has years of experience in helping home educated students enrol in post-secondary institutions through alternate admissions criteria.
  • Learn about post-secondary admissions requirements
    Our Post-Secondary Institutions section provides the specific per-institution admission requirements for home educated students, along with helpful tips and links.
  • Bible-based, parent-directed, and student-centered
    Recognizing parental authority over children and their education, we encourage parents to pursue faith-based solutions in their home education program.


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