Current Home Education Related Issues

October 19, 2018

American Radio Program Covers Threat to Freedom in Alberta

The radio arm of US-based WORLD magazine recently covered the danger to religious freedom posed by Alberta Education Minister David Eggen’s threats against private schools. Because many home educators register with private Christian schools, the possibility that those schools could lose their funding and accreditation could potentially affect thousands of students. As lawyer John Carpay says in this program, if you accept the removal of Christianity from anti-bullying policies, "what basis do you have for keeping your Christianity in any of your other policies?" Listen to this program or read the transcript at this link: A religious liberty fight in Canada.

October 6, 2018

Far Left Extremists Criticize Education Unlimited and Léo Gaumont

An Ontario-based Far Left organization recently published an online article attacking this year's National Home Education Conference and the groups sponsoring the event. Education Unlimited is one of the groups mentioned and its director, Léo Gaumont, is named in particular. This demonstrates that opponents of home education are noticing Education Unlimited and its work. While the article itself is disturbing, it is evidence that Education Unlimited is making a difference. You can read the article here.

September 26, 2018

Home Education Vital for Christians

Many home educators teach their children at home in order to provide consistently Christian education. They are right to do so. Government-provided education will deliberately limit or exclude Christian content altogether. A recent column by Pastor David MacKenzie provides further evidence that home education is the best choice for parents who want to avoid the government's non-Christian philosophy. This excellent column is available here: Scrubbing Christ from Christian Schools. Could it be that the government bullying of Christian organizations described in this article could be extended to other religious groups and Christian home educators in the future?

August 31, 2018

Education Minister Threatens to Defund Private Christian Schools

Education Minister David Eggen is threatening to withdraw public funding from private schools that refuse to implement new rules mandated by Bill 24. Many private Christian schools have not complied with those rules because doing so would violate basic Christian sexual ethics. As lawyer John Carpay states, “The government’s attempt to compel private schools to express the government’s views in their own policies seriously undermines the rights of these schools to have policies that respect the unique character of these independent schools.” Many home educators are registered with private Christian schools and could therefore be effected by the loss of funding. For further information, please read the article available at this link.

April 9, 2018

Bill 24 Court Challenge

On April 5 the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) filed a court challenge to Bill 24. According to the JCCF, Bill 24 violates parental rights by preventing parents from being fully informed about their children's activities in school. It also conflicts with the rights of religious private schools by imposing policies concerning Gay-Straight Alliances. In response to the court challenge, Education Minister David Eggen issued a statement saying, "Schools that don’t follow the law [Bill 24] will risk having their accreditation and funding stripped, period." This is important for home educating families who register through private Christian schools because those schools could lose their funding and no longer be eligible to offer home education programs. For additional information, please visit the JCCF's web page explaining this court challenge.

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