Current Home Education Related Issues

May 11, 2021

Recent Events Confirm Home Education to be the Best Choice

Home education looks better all the time. Recent government actions should encourage home educating parents that they have made the right choice for their children. In Alberta, schools have been repeatedly closed and opened and closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, causing many inconveniences to families with children in school. See, for example, this news story: New Alberta COVID-19 restrictions to move schools online, close patios and limit outdoor gatherings to 5. In addition, some public schools are encouraging students to embrace the new gender ideology: Trudeau government funds online ‘Gegi' project for K-12 youth to explore trans identity. Home educators can be thankful and take comfort knowing that they avoid these kinds of problems.

January 29, 2021

New COVID-19 Rules for Home Educators

Alberta Education has released new rules indicating what home educating families are permitted to do under the COVID-19 lockdown. Most significantly, home educating families are allowed to join with other families for group activities outside of their homes, in places such as community halls or rental facilities. All of the other required COVID-19 health measures are still in force. For complete details, please click this link for the Home education update.

January 18, 2021

Canada Has a Literacy Problem

According to a recent CBC Radio report, Canada has a literacy problem. Despite nearly universal public schooling, CBC cites a 2013 assessment as showing that, "one in six adult Canadians fell short of passing the most basic set of literacy tests." Although the report tries to absolve the schools of any responsibility for this problem, it nevertheless makes one wonder about the effectiveness of schooling. For the complete story, click here.

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