Testing Home Education – Part 9: Back to the Basics (Part 28)

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Now that we have talked about the pushback, opposition, obstacles and other potential persecution one can expect as a consequence of deciding to home educate, let’s look at how to effectively deal with opponents, be they government, third-party agencies, schools, facilitators, family, friends, and/or children.

First, let’s discuss who you are.  I believe I have repeated this quite often.  You are the boss.  Those to whom children are born are the ones responsible for their well-being, including their training and education.  You know what you are doing, having true authority, while your opponents will demonstrate ignorance or exercise false authority.  Simply put, you are the winner before you even engage in defence of your decision, however, do not defend yourself.  Doing so puts your opponents in charge.

Next, let’s understand that while you may be enlightened regarding your decision to home educate, your opponents are not.  Advancing your position is a waste of time.  Be patient, as with children who do not know better.  The absolute best approach to dealing with opponents is to ask questions to help clarify their reason for opposing your decision.

Understanding that he who makes a statement is the one who has to prove it gives you the ability to steer a conversation towards exposing the truth, which should be your ultimate goal rather than simply winning or being right.  Having knowledge of the truth is powerful.  Abusing truth is unacceptable.  Be gentle and have the mind to help whomever the opponent may be to come to their own conclusion through carefully placed questions designed to make them rethink their position.

I have to admit, I have been in more discussions and debates than the average person.  I have even found myself in threatening situations, occasional crises, conflicts and all-out wars.  However, I can honestly attest to not having recollection of having started any of them.  While I have been accused of being combative, it is because we are in a combat started a long time ago in the Garden of Eden.  I am not impolite, but I am not a pushover.  I stand on the truth, exercise my authority as a representative of the truth, and politely ask questions of my opponents to help them to realize their error.  I avoid pointing out the error as this is usually counter productive.

When you face your opponents you should not be defensive as you need not apologize for knowing the truth or having the authority to do what you determine is best for your children.  Be confident, ask polite questions to clarify the other’s position, and let truth expose the lies they are advancing.  This is simple because you are the boss.  Amen.

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