Women and Authority: Authority (Part 18)

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Women! Where would we be without them? Some would jokingly say that we would be better off without them, but then again, I am sure some women feel the same way about men! Ah, the fun involved in the battle of the sexes!

Truth is, neither men, nor women can get along without the other. Both are needed for life to continue. That should be self-evident.

Before we leave the topic of authority, I need to address what some of you may have noticed; that is, throughout the entire series I paid scant attention to women and authority. Lest I be accused of being misogynistic or of having a negative view of women, let me attempt to explain as best I can how women and authority work together, focusing on the jurisdiction of the family.
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Authority as it Applies to Education: Authority (Part 17)

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Government claims to having authority over the education of children are actually bogus. While it can be argued that government has a compelling interest in the education of those who will carry the future, it behooves us to question what it sees or desires for that future while “preparing” our children for it.

Schools are institutions that have been created by government. Therefore, government has legitimate authority over schools. However, it is very important to understand that schools are not God’s idea for educating children in the first place.

If, for example, I made a claim to owning a piece of property and the rightful owner did not question or oppose my claim, I would have legitimate authority over my illegitimate claim.
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More Thoughts on Authority: Authority (Part 16)

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I now understand why I always felt very ill-at-ease when someone challenged me respecting my understanding of authority. I was often seen as a rebel without a cause, when I was more of a rebel without understanding!

I now realize the reason I had those serious misgivings was more a matter of my intrinsically knowing that something was wrong with those who thought I needed a lesson on authority. My first clue was that those who were concerned usually presented themselves with a title, inferring authority. I had a hard time when being subjugated to comply with this claim.

I came to observe that power appeared to have the same characteristics, eventually concluding that giving an individual a title, a special hat or a pair of trousers with a stripe down the legs seemed to empower him or her to think they had a really important job to do which almost always involved telling people what to do. Somehow this was mistaken as having authority and was usually presented with some degree of pride and arrogance.
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Our Authority as Parents: Authority (Part 15)

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I sure hope that you have clearly received the overarching message being advanced in this series on authority. Simply put, as parents, you have it!

It does not take a Mensa IQ to know that only a man and a woman can create children. Other “combinations” and lifeless entities are not able to produce living human beings, so they have to steal them from those who can. That’s essentially the bottom line.

This is where things get a bit confusing. Dead agencies need families to produce children to maintain themselves, yet seem to do everything possible to destroy family.

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Understanding Our Authority: Authority (Part 14)

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There is little doubt about the confusion surrounding the topic of authority. Most people’s eyes just glaze over and they don’t give it any more thought. Many have simply accepted what they are being told without even questioning the legitimacy of the demands. Some go so far as to justify their subjugation by invoking scripture. “Render unto Caesar…” comes immediately to mind.

However, this is exactly what false claimants to authority hope will happen. If we are not aware of the inherent dangers of simply doing what we are told, we are in serious danger of being subjugated into supporting something that we would not, if we knew the truth.

Back at the beginning of this blog series, I told the story of my teenage revelation about discovering that if I knew the truth, I would know what to do. Knowing which mushroom is good and which is not greatly reduces the chance of being hurt. Not all snakes are poisonous, but it is a good thing to know which ones should be avoided. Knowledge of the truth protects us from harm. Continue reading “Understanding Our Authority: Authority (Part 14)”

Authority Summarized: Authority (Part 13)

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In this last slide presentation, I am going to take a bit of license. I cannot say with any degree of certainty that I fully understand what I am presenting, nor can I vouch for the truthfulness of these ideas. It is just that I personally dislike having someone blow my ideas apart without offering a reasonable alternative. It is with this intent that I present you with this idea of what I think (for now) is what the world should look like under God.

This is what I believe was meant to be on this earth. There is no doubt that God has allowed the creation of jurisdictions outside of the family, but He has never lost his love for the life-giving family unit.

All other Jurisdictions are manmade, outside the Family/God unit and essentially dead in that they are bloodless, heartless even occasionally brainless entities that simply can only reproduce in kind. They are called institutions.
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The Abdication of Authority: Authority (Part 12)

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In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, then created a bunch of things on the earth, ending with the creation of man in His image and in His likeness. He then provided Adam with a helpmeet called woman and instructed them to reproduce and subdue the earth. This is the condensed version!

God and Adam were buddies. They would get together daily, have a few beers and talk about old times and the day’s activities. Okay, maybe I am embellishing the story a bit, but Adam did have fellowship with God; that is, until Adam decided to listen to his wife, who had been fooled by the serpent into believing they could be equal with God.

Perhaps the legal axiom of the created not being greater or equal to the creator hadn’t yet been discovered! In any case, we know the rest of the story. That one act separated us from God, who throughout history has made the odd appearance in one way or another, culminating in Jesus Christ, sent to redeem man and creation.
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The Corruption of Authority: Authority (Part 11)

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In our last presentation, I showed how the family jurisdiction is different from other jurisdictions in that it is the only jurisdiction led by a true representative of God, rather than a leader under God. If, however, the man decided that he wanted to be God rather than be His representative, the ordained family structure is threatened.

Today, I want to show how other rules or jurisdictions can also corrupt God’s plan. To simplify things, we will look at just the jurisdictions of Government and Church and how they can influence Family and each other in a negative fashion.

To help us understand what is happening, let’s say that God is the “president” of each rule and that the King and Leaders then occupy the vice-presidential position, under God. Let’s also say that the King is not happy with being in second place so he aspires to be president.

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The Authority of the Father: Authority (Part 10)

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Once again, I believe I need to make a few clarifications respecting last week’s presentation. I don’t regret having made any of my comments. I truly believe that the father of a household has the greatest authority on earth. Although one may see this as a great honour, it does come with a great deal of corresponding responsibility.

Of all the leaders in all jurisdictions, it is only the head of the human household who is addressed with God’s title. You will never hear God being addressed as God the president, or God the pastor or God the mother, for that matter. Indeed, as much as modern feminism has affected our society and although it may have disenfranchised men, it will never unseat God the Father!

My reason for wanting to clarify last week’s statements is to make it abundantly clear that there are few guarantees in life and having a perfect or even functional family is not one of them. There is little doubt that being in relationship with God will make life a bit easier to handle, first by avoiding pitfalls and then by providing a place of refuge when things don’t go well.
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The Authority of Family: Authority (Part 9)

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Two weeks ago, I presented the Family jurisdiction in a similar pattern with all the other jurisdictions.

I put God as in authority over the Man who was to lead his wife in a Family. However, God, a man and a woman does not constitute a family! It takes children to make a family, at which point the man becomes the father.

Please understand what I am saying here. The man is addressed with the same title used for God. I have tested this observation whenever I find anyone who speaks a different language. So far, I have found that the title of father is used for God as well as the head of the family in every language tested. I believe this indicates that the authority of the family’s father is the greatest authority on earth.
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