Questioning Skills: Back to the Basics (Part 3)

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While recovering from death’s door a year and half ago, I asked God what was happening to this world that seemed to be spinning out of control.  He immediately answered the reason was that people believe their own lies whether self-inflicted or implanted.  Having a natural tendency to avoid having to admit error and having no courage to stand against the wiles of the devil, most people simply acquiesce or worse yet, defend the errant positions.

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Why Home Educate? Back to the Basics (Part 2)

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It is always a good idea to know why you are doing or planning to do something.  We are all well acquainted with having habitually done things without ever having questioned why we do so.  Most institutions specialize in enforcing the rote repetition of things without encouraging questions or independent thought.  School ideology is especially prone towards doing so.  Not only does the school and related administrations repeatedly advance a particular narrative, but most people thoughtlessly advance these unquestioned precepts as factual and distinctive.

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Back to the Basics (Part 1)

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Hello and welcome to the start of the 2023-24 academic year with Education Unlimited Academy.

I have been sharing my insights in these vlogs for ten years, now.  I initially started this venture at the behest of a few people who wanted to capture my insights for the future generations.  It was indeed an honour to have people think I could offer wisdom for faith, support for family and hope for freedom.

After ten years of weekly instalments, I believe I have covered most topics at least once, but at the same time, these efforts have been buried in the nearly 400 videos that have accumulated on my You Tube channel, not to mention the many audios and videos located on

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